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Dissertation Workshops

The English Language Center (ELC) offers a series of dissertation workshops to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to enhance their doctoral research, writing, and editing skills.

The workshops are designed to help doctoral students

  • master the research process;
  • improve speaking and writing skills for communication with advisers and committees;
  • recognize and replicate organizational patterns in dissertation writing for their discipline; and,
  • learn dissertation-writing skills, such as summarizing, paraphrasing, and editing.

Dissertation Workshops Program Core

While we recommend that you take all workshops, especially if you are just beginning your dissertation process, you can choose to take individual workshops based on your needs and stage of the dissertation process.

Seven two-hour workshops will be offered approximately every two weeks. Students can register for the entire series by clicking on the series link or for individual workshops by clicking on the appropriate workshop link.

  • Workshops are free but limited to 12 individuals, so signing up is important to reserve your place. Details and signup information will be sent just prior to each workshop.

Spring 2017 Series Schedule:

  • Workshop 1: Finding and using appropriate research databases Register for Workshop 1
    Finding articles and using the best databases
  • Workshop 2: Communicating with advisers and committee members Register for Workshop 2
    Email writing, short conversations, and the language of awkward encounters
  • Workshop 3: Paraphrasing and citing research Register for Workshop 3
    Discovering different citation formats and bibliographic management systems. Paraphrasing and summarizing.
  • Workshop 4: Literature review and paraphrasing Register for Workshop 4
    Literature review chapter organization, paraphrasing and summarizing for an effective literature synthesis, and correct verb tenses/reporting verbs in discipline-specific fields.
  • Workshop 5: Dissertational organizational patterns; cohesion and coherence Register for Workshop 5
    Review of acceptable dissertation organization, focusing on achieving connections within and between chapters.
  • Workshop 6: Editing Register for Workshop 6
    Strategies and resources that will help you self-edit your dissertation.
  • Workshop 7: Responding to comments from dissertation committees and journal reviewers Register for Workshop 7
    Responding to comments from committee members/editors. Understanding comments and addressing them in revisions.


For more information about Dissertation Workshops, please contact:

Debra Lee, Language Teaching Specialist
Tel: +1 615-322-2277