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Director’s Welcome

Susan M. Barone

Susan M. Barone, Ph.D.

On behalf of our entire staff, welcome to the VU English Language Center (ELC). The ELC has internationally-recognized English-language programs devoted to helping you become more fully integrated in our university community and meeting your academic potential. We strongly believe one aspect of academic success and cultural adaptation lies in language instruction when you first arrive and throughout your studies. Our center offers high academic standards, a stimulating learning environment, and excellent resources.

You are an integral part of this university community, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as well as relieve some of the stress and anxiety that comes from performing in English in a highly competitive academic setting. Whether you are facing challenges due to your language proficiency or are working toward mastering your command of English, we are here to support you.

Please take a look at our course offerings and see how we may assist you during your time with us at Vanderbilt University.



Susan M. Barone, Ph.D.