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Professional Contributions

English Language Center (ELC) employees regularly contribute to research conferences, professional development, and the community at Vanderbilt University and beyond.

Publications and Conference Presentations/Participation


  • Adam Steffanick and Susan M. Barone. Leveraging our corpus to inform pedagogy: Constructing a corpus of student writing from our university to develop individualized pedagogical resources. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Chicago, IL (March, 2018).
  • Lisa Russell-Pinson and Susan M. Barone. The Complexity of Supporting Graduate-Level Learners: ESL Professionals in Whitchurch’s Third Space. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Chicago, IL (March, 2018).
  • Susan M. Barone. People, Positions in International Education: How identities impact institutional structure. Roundtable. Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), Washington, DC (February, 2018).


  • Susan M. Barone and Carrie Cargile. L2 Writing Research Literature: A Reference for Novice Instructors of ELLs. Poster. ACTFL, Nashville, TN (November, 2017).
  • Jim Cracraft. International Writing Centers Association Conference, Chicago, IL (November 2017).
  • Susan M. Barone. Medical interactions and patient identity.. Immersion in Emergency Care Research Course. Offered by Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health, and Society in the College of Arts and Science in collaboration between Vanderbilt University faculty and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). Invited by Dr. Alan Storrow (September 2017). Also presented at VUMC Psychological and Counseling Center (December 2017).
  • Debra S. Lee. Panel Member, Consortium on Graduate Communication Summer Institute 2017, Monterey, CA. Providing support for professional Master’s students.
  • Susan M. Barone. CASA Board of Directors site visits to CASA Santiago and CASA Buenos Aires (April, 2017).
  • Stephanie Ventura. Conversations about Identity: Promoting Critical Dialogue Amidst Double Consciousness. TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo, Seattle, WA (March 2017).
  • Susan M. Barone. DIS International Educators Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden (Spring 2017).
  • Jim Cracraft. (2017). This Is an Important Announcement! In J. L. Arnold & E. Herrick (Eds.), New Ways in Teaching With Music (New Ways in Tesol, pp. 102-104). Alexandria, VA: TESOL Press.


  • Romy Frank and Debra S. Lee. Lawyer v. Non-lawyer: Expert Negotiations in Program Transformation. Symposium on Second Language Writing, Tempe, AZ (October 2016).
  • Stephanie Ventura. Using Short Fiction to Discover Critical Pathways to Academic Content. SETESOL Regional Conference, Lexington, KY (October, 2016).
  • Susan M. Barone with Lisa Russell-Pinson. It Takes a University: Marshaling Cross-Campus Expertise in Support of L2 Graduate-Level Writers. Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLW). Tempe, AZ (October 2016). Also presented at Consortium on Graduate Communication meeting con-current with SSLW.
  • Susan M. Barone. Second Language Research Forum, Columbia University (September 2016).
  • Carrie Cargile. Legal Writing Institute Biennial Conference, Portland, OR (July 2016).
  • Susan M. Barone. English for Academic Purposes. US-China Center, Sun Yat-sen University & South China Normal University (May 2016).
  • Susan M. Barone, Debra S. Lee, Carrie Cargile and, Romy Frank. English for Academic Purposes. Webinar. Languages without Borders Program, Brazilian Federal Ministry of Education (May 2016).


The Legacy of Lee Martin
By Susan M. Barone — 2/23/2015

As we launch this new section of our website, it seems only appropriate to make the first entry a farewell to the individual who started this language center in 1978. Read more…