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LATTE (LAnguage Talk and Topics Exchange) is an informal conversation group for those interested in all things language-related.

The Vanderbilt University English Language Center (ELC) launched LATTE to build a cohesive and collaborative group for language enthusiasts from throughout Vanderbilt to come together and discuss research interests. The group intends to cover a wide range of language-related topics, including language-teaching pedagogy, processing and analysis of speech, using corpora in language research, innovations in speech/language intervention, literacy, psycholinguistics, and bilingual approaches to language therapy. Attendees will help to shape the schedule of topics covered throughout the semester. Sessions include paper discussions, work in progress meetings, data blitzes, and more.

If you are interested in leading a meeting this fall, please sign up for a date, category, and topic using this Google sheet.  
LATTE meetings for the Fall 2023 Semester are held on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. at the ELC or via Zoom: 
Organizing Members 
Michelle Perdomo, PhD  
Postdoctoral Scholar 
Language Teaching Specialist 
English Language Center 
Susan M. Barone, PhD 
Director English Language Center 
Senior Lecturer, Peabody College of Education 
Sandra Bancroft-Billings, PhD
Assistant Director 
English Language Center