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English for Academics and Professionals (EAP)

The English for Academics and Professionals (EAP) program offers courses in Academic Writing, Academic Speaking, and Pronunciation. EAP courses at the English Language Center (ELC) address written and oral communication issues specific to individuals who have a first language other than English and are pursuing academic and professional endeavors. Students meet both as a group and individually with an instructor to work on their specific language needs.


After you have selected a course: (Fall 2018 only)

Please note:

  • The survey may close before the testing date depending on the number of applicants.
  • Placement into course sections is based on 1) first-come, first-served and 2) schedule availability.
  • Only one course may be selected; fill out the survey again for extra classes.
  • Make a note of the time and date of the section you selected as well as the test date and time. You will not be able to re-enter the survey after you submit it.
  • Wait to receive an e-mail message regarding your testing schedule.
  • Come to the ELC on the test date for your assessment test.
  • Wait to receive an e-mail message regarding confirmation of your placement into an ELC course.


Students complete a language assessment, which includes a writing sample for Academic Writing and a short interview for Academic Speaking and/or Pronunciation. The instructor uses these assessments to develop a language profile for each student with specific areas for focus during the course.


Fall 2018 Assessment:

  • Assessments take place from August 22 through August 24 (Select day and time on Registration Form).
  • All assessments take place at the English Language Center.


The ELC offers one tuition-free English-language course each Fall and Spring semester to Vanderbilt individuals who have a first language other than English who are undergraduate, graduate, and professional students or VU faculty, staff, and scholars.*

Tuition Schedule for Eligible VU Community Members

  • 1st course per semester: $0
  • 2nd course per semester: $480
  • 3rd course per semester: $960

Tuition Schedule for VUMC Employees

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) employees may be required to present official Vanderbilt identification and letters of appointment.

  • $960 per course

Auditing is not available.

*Priority enrollment is given to matriculated, full-time students.

Please contact (+1 615-322-2277) for tuition inquiries and payment. Full tuition payment is due by the end of the first week of ELC classes, which also ends the drop/add period.

Attendance Policy

Since ELC courses are funded for VU community members, their continuation is dependent upon participant completion of each course. Therefore, at least 75% attendance and completion of the course is required. If you register for a course but receive a failing grade due to insufficient attendance, you may not be able to register for future EAP courses, and departments will be notified.


After registration, your teacher will contact you with information about your textbook. You can purchase ELC textbooks at the Vanderbilt University Bookstore.


For information regarding assessment and enrollment, please contact:

Adam Steffanick, Assistant Director
Tel: +1 615-322-2277

For information regarding eligibility, please contact:

Susan M. Barone, Executive Director
Tel: +1 615-322-2277