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Program Overview

chatELC Participants at Semester-End Dinner at Tin Angel
chatELC Participants at Semester-end Dinner at Tin Angel.

chatELC is a program designed to support the development of English fluency, situational English, and cultural competency of spouses and partners of current Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff through semi-structured English conversation groups. The conversation groups will be led by Group Leaders from the Vanderbilt community and meet for 11 weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters and for 4 weeks in the Summer term.

Participant Requirements:

  • Be a spouse or partner of a member of the Vanderbilt Community
  • Commit to consistently attending all the weeks of group meetings (one semester)

Participant Profile

These conversation groups are open to adults at any level of English proficiency, but designed for those with low to intermediate levels of proficiency, who are interested in discussing American and other participants’ cultures, learning about Nashville and the Vanderbilt community, and improving their conversational English.


Please sign up using this link. You will be contacted by the group facilitator with information about meeting time and place.

Date, Time, and Location

ChatELC has been meeting most recently via Zoom. Times are dependant on availability of participants. The faciliator will contact participants to arrange meeting times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a group and a class?

chatELC’s groups typically do not have any homework or textbooks and are not for credit nor do participants receive grades. It is not a class and is separate from the General English for Spouses/Partners class.

What is a “Partner”?

This refers to same-sex domestic partners.

How many people are in a group?

There is currently a minimum of 4 participants per group and a maximum of 10.

How many times does the group meet?

Groups meet weekly for 11 weeks during the spring and fall semesters and weekly for 4 weeks during the summer.

Are children allowed at the groups?

Unfortunately, chatELC is unable to accommodate children/dependents under the age of 17.


English Language Center , Main Office
Tel: +1 615-322-2277