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International Students

Job Search

  • Where can I find support for international students at Vanderbilt? Everywhere! For example Career CenterISSSELCCenter for Student Wellbeing.
  • Searching for an internship or a job is a challenging and stressful process for most students, including most American students.
  • Make an appointment with your career coach through DoreWays. On the right-hand side of the DoreWays home page, you will see a link to “schedule a coaching appointment.” DoreWays also has jobs and internships listed that you can apply to, but you should utilize more than just DoreWays.
  • Visit our identity-based page for some great search sites. Make sure to consult with your career coach to talk through how to best use these resources.


  • Only 20% of people (probably all Americans) obtain their job or their internship through online applications. So if you spend only your time searching and applying online, you can reasonably assume to have – at most – a 20% chance of getting an internship or job in the U.S., although probably lower because of the additional obstacles you face as non-U.S. citizens. The vast majority – 80% — of people obtain their internship or full-time job directly as a result of networking. Spend your time accordingly: Searching/applying online = 20%. Networking = 80%.
  • “Networking” is simply talking to and building relationships with people. It is similar to “referrals” common in many other countries and cultures, but also very different in many ways.
  • It is extremely important to schedule an appointment with your career coach through DoreWays. We can walk you through the process of networking.

Employment & Immigration

  • The most important office on campus for you is the International Student & Scholars Services (ISSS) office. You must keep them informed of your status at all times and check with them, first, when a question arises.
  • For F1 immigration questions, click here, for J1 click here.
  • For F1 employment (including CPT/OPT) procedures and questions, click here.
  • For J1 employment procedures and questions, click here.