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Scan our Listing of Fellowships and Scholarships to find opportunities that match your interests, qualifications, and goals. Depending upon your interests and academic record, you may be well-suited for a range of fellowship and scholarship opportunities.

Types of Awards:
  • Nominated Awards: These awards require a special nomination letter to be submitted by the university on the student’s behalf. In most cases, the university can only nominate a limited number of students each year. That’s why we require you to notify us of your “Intent to Apply” well in advance of the official deadline, so we can conduct on-campus interviews and application review to determine whom will be nominated. Often, you’ll need to let us know months before the actual award deadline.
  • Supported Awards: While these awards do not require a nomination, they are still very competitive and often involve some complicated requirements. When you know you want to apply for one of these awards, schedule an appointment with our Fellowships and Scholarships team to go over your materials. Be sure to meet with us at least one month before the official deadline–we often give extensive feedback, based on our familiarity with what these Selection Committees are looking for.
  • Self-Directed Awards: These applications are the most straight-forward and have no extra requirements, so most students can complete them on their own. If you’d like to have your materials for these awards reviewed, reach out to the Writing Studio or your Career Coach. Be sure to give them at least one week to give you feedback. Lastly, be sure to gain insight and expertise from faculty and your academic mentors during this process.
Note for Nominated Awards:

If you would like to apply for a nominated award, please let us know on InfoReady by the below deadlines to go through our on-campus process and be eligible for Vanderbilt nomination. Click here for Fulbright; click here for all other awards.

You’ll be contacted by our Fellowships coach with more information about the process and upcoming info sessions.

Here are additional interest-based listings: