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Studying Abroad

The Career Center wholeheartedly supports studying abroad for all students, regardless of major.

The expanded learning opportunities and experiences you have will be appealing to a wide range of employers and provide strong evidence of your global awareness, a desired competency in the workplace.

The decision to study abroad in the fall or spring should be made based on the program and opportunities available, not necessarily on your career-search plans. We recommend you schedule an appointment with your Career Center coach to discuss your interests and how they might intersect with on-campus recruiting schedules. Here are some FAQs for Students Studying Abroad to check out.

Whenever or wherever you study abroad, the Career Center is set up to work with you on your career plans at any time. For Vanderbilt University students studying abroad, we offer the following:

  1. Virtual coaching sessions. Our coaches will Skype with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss any aspect of your future plans, whether job/career-related, graduate study, or fellowship-based.
  2. Virtual interviews. Our employers may conduct virtual interviews with students who are abroad at a time that is mutually convenient, which may not be the same day as when the employer is on-campus. Many companies also offer online information sessions and webinars about their opportunities.
  3. Email communications. Our coaches can also work with you via email to answer questions, review resumes and cover letters, etc. In addition, you will continue to receive all emails and newsletters from the Employer Relations team so that you remain informed of recruiting opportunities for your field(s) of interest.
  4. Career Center website resources. The Career Center maintains a number of internet-based services, from our DoreWays system which can be tailored to send you job and internship openings related to your area(s) of interest, to various subscriptions that offer a wealth of information on the industries most students are seeking.
  5. General internet resources.LinkedIn is an invaluable asset for the job seeker and is an excellent way to network while abroad. The Career Center provides training and guidance for those interested in using LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media to advance their career options.

Additionally, studying abroad can greatly enhance your applications for full-time employment and graduate/professional study as well as prestigious fellowships and scholarships. By studying abroad, you will gain the following and so much more.

  1. Communication Skills. While abroad, there are many instances where your communication needs to be clear and effective. Learning to overcome language barriers between fellow students, faculty, and members of the local community is an attractive skill for employers. You will navigate this in every way and learn how to communicate well with others.
  1. Global Connections. Studying in an international environment will give you the opportunity to build connections through your university, relationships with new friends, and industry professionals in the local and national area with an array of different backgrounds.
  2. Planning, Problem Solving and Project Management. By living and studying abroad, you will be using international transportation, a foreign currency, meeting new people daily, adjusting to cultural differences, and navigating services and contacts for items such as a cell phone and living arrangements. This means you will develop the ability to adapt, plan logically and think critically – key skills in many industries.

Interested in studying abroad? Visit the GEO website to learn more!