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Immersive Experiences and Treks

Immersive Experiences and Treks

Go beyond traditional career fairs and networking events. Whether it’s on campus or venturing to vibrant cities, prepare to embark on a captivating journey where curiosity meets opportunity, networking transforms into lifelong connections, and your professional growth knows no bounds. This page will outline how you can get involved through Immersive Experiences and Treks.

Immersive Experiences


Beyond the expected. . .that’s the theme of the Career Center’s immersive experiences.

Whether you’re passionate about business, technology, or the arts, these transformative experiences are designed to help you grow with like-minded peers. Showcase your talents to top employers while creating unforgettable memories that can only happen at Vanderbilt.

From dynamic competitions to advanced career preparedness offerings, start your journey today and pave the way for a successful future. 

Signature Immersive Experiences

Cox Communications/Enterprises has teamed up with the Career Center to host a unique Gaming Case Competition. The competition case study encourages participants to think critically and strategically about improving business operations, specifically in the world of tech, gaming, and telecommunications. 

The Vanderbilt Business Case Competition aims to provide a case study experience where participants strive to develop the best solution to a real-world business scenario. The case study experience encourages participants to think critically and strategically about improving business operations. The Career Center has partnered with KPMG and Nissan in past iterations for sponsorship and judging.

This case competition is the qualifying experience to participate in an all-expense paid trip to the Heavener International Case Competition in Gainesville, FL. 


The Heavener International Case Competition, hosted by the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida, is an annual event that exposes students to the strategic challenges and decisions encountered by global business leaders. It provides a platform for teams to showcase their problem-solving skills by analyzing real-world business cases and presenting their solutions to judges. This highly competitive event fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making among the participants while offering valuable networking opportunities and recognition for the top-performing teams. 

Vandy in Holywood is a nationally recognized summer internship program that helps VU students make connections and obtain coveted experiences in Hollywood. Founded in 2006 by television writer Chad Gervich(‘96) and streaming executive Rich Hull(’92), the program operates with the support of the Vanderbilt Career Center and Vanderbilt Alumni Relations, as well as hundreds of Vanderbilt alumni volunteers working in Hollywood. Learn more here

Immersive Experiences Communication Archive:

LinkedIn - Team MARS Finishes Second Place in Division at Global Case Competition



Treks are dynamic experiences that enable students to explore various industries and career paths by visiting companies and organizations. They provide opportunities for students to engage directly with employers and industry professionals, gain industry-specific knowledge, make informed career decisions, and establish valuable connections.

Treks can be local, regional, national, or international, offering comprehensive and immersive learning experiences through company visits, networking sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and more!

Signature Treks

Vandy Meets the Street is a premier networking and educational series for Vanderbilt Undergraduate Students interested in finance and connecting with alumni, employers, and parents. Attendees will learn about trends on Wall Street and best practices from top-ranked industry professionals. Learn more here. 

Vandy on Madison Avenue was created by Vanderbilt alum Daniel Lovinger’87 to introduce students to opportunities in media and communications. The VMA program includes a spring speaker series with industry-experts, as well as a summer trek in New York City. Participants range from first-year to graduate students and even Vanderbilt alumni. Learn more here. 

Treks Communication Archive:

MyVU - Vandy Meets the Street Connects Students, Alumni, Parents to Employers and Wall Street

2023/24 Upcoming Calendar – Coming Soon!

Oct 19th and October 20th: Atlanta Fortune 500 Trek

Students will participate in an exciting opportunity to gain industry knowledge from alumni and professionals in an immersive on-site Atlanta Trek over Fall Break. This trek is open to all undergraduate students, particularly those interested in transportation/supply, business, engineering, and data. 

Follow this link for more information, view the application on Handshake.

The deadline to apply is September 24, 2023!

The above calendar displays signature events. For a complete calendar of all Immersive Experiences and Treks, visit Handshake and use the Immersive Experiences and Treks label.


Immersive experiences and treks provide firsthand exposure to various industries and workplaces, allowing students to gain insights into specific career paths. These experiences also enable students to network with professionals, potentially leading to internships, mentorships, or job opportunities. Additionally, immersive experiences and treks help students develop critical skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability, while enhancing resumes and professional portfolios.

No, immersive experiences and treks are typically open to students from various majors or fields of study. While certain treks may focus on specific industries, many programs aim to explore a wide range of student interests.

Any Immersive Experience or Trek will be listed on Handshake - search under the “Jobs” or “Events” tab by using the Immersive Experience and Treks label. The Handshake listing will have more details on the application processes, deadlines, and any prerequisites or qualifications required to participate.

You can also regularly check this webpage, as we will continuously update the event calendar.  

The costs associated with immersive experiences and treks can vary depending on the program. Some programs may be fully or partially funded by the Career Center and employer or alumni sponsors, while others may require students to cover their travel, accommodation, and other related expenses. It's important to review the details of each program and consider any financial commitments before applying or committing to participate.

The level of competition for immersive experiences and treks can vary depending on factors such as the popularity of the program, the number of available spots, and the applicant pool. To increase your chances of being selected, it's advisable to pay attention to the application requirements and deadlines, submit a well-crafted application or essay, highlight relevant experiences or interests, and demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to making the most out of the opportunity. Additionally, actively engaging with the Career Center and seeking advice or guidance from our career coaches can also help you prepare for and navigate the selection process. 

Case competitions are a great opportunity to take what is learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world business scenarios within an allocated timeframe. 

It provides an opportunity to gain relevant business experience and build skillsets that can be showcased on a resume and shared in interviews for future career opportunities. 

This experience can also be an opportunity for your competition team to compete and form meaningful relationships with other undergraduates from our fellow universities. 


Immersive experiences and treks would not be possible without collaboration from campus partners, alumni, parents, and employers. To find out how you can support and engage with these opportunities, contact Destiny Rumble, Assistant Director of Immersive Experiences & Treks, at destiny.r.izaguirre@Vanderbilt.Edu