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Picture Your Career


picture of Picture Your Career's workbook cover

Are you ready to make some big career moves? Using visual thinking techniques, this workbook will help you discover your strengths, develop your vision, design a path forward, and deliver your talent.

Packed with dozens of interactive exercises from Dr. Kate Brooks & Grace Foy of Vanderbilt University’s Career Center, this guidebook will help you:

  • Develop your vision and discover possible career trajectories
  • Discover your talents and understand how they help you in the workplace
  • Get organized and set goals for your future
  • Complete inner work such as managing emotions and anxiety
  • Explore possibilities in your career field
  • Conduct a job search with practical tips on networking, interviewing, and resumes


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drawings of images found in book; compass, toolbox, pens & pencils

The most important instruction we can give you is: Have fun, and don’t worry about your lack of artistic skills.

Career Coaches: These exercises are designed to be engaging and interesting, help your students think creatively, open up new conversations, and reveal previously hidden information. Students respond well to these exercises, and they appreciate the clarity they acquire as a result.

Please Note: This workbook is published under a Creative Commons license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. You are free to copy this material and use it with your students or clients, but you must cite the source of the material, not use it for commercial purposes, and not distribute any adaptations of it. Please refer to the inside front page of this workbook for further information.


“If you are searching for a career path, Picture Your Career is your yellow brick road to success.”

Tom Devlin, Career Center, Executive Director, University of California Berkeley

“The creative visual ideas described in this book are so relevant for any student or alumnus you may be coaching. Whether your students are full time, part-time, in person, or virtual you will find this book using visual thinking to be incredibly valuable in your workshops and coaching!”

Meg Flournoy, Career Management Center, Sector Director, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

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