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Vandy In Career Communities

One path to career success is finding your career community.  But it can be frustrating and hard to know where to start.  We want all students to have easy access to industry professionals, alumni, coaching, and more.  For this reason, our career coaches and employer specialists created nine career communities that any VU undergraduate can join: Communications, Consulting, Education, Entertainment, Engineering & Sustainability, Finance, Health, Public Sector, and Tech.

Here are 3 quick steps you can take to get started:

  1. Complete your DoreWays profile. We communicate with the groups via email & you will be included once you select your industry preferences in your profile. Go to My Profile > Career & Academic > Career Interests.
  2. Read our emails and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your coach to create your personal action plan.

LOOKING Beyond internships sample plans:

Looking for ways to gain experience this summer? We put together a sample plan for each Vandy in Community based on our Looking Beyond Internships Packet. After you look at the sample plans, schedule an appointment with your career coach to create your own summer goals!


Vandy in Communications logo in Red Vandy in Consulting logo in Navy Blue Vandy in Education logo in Purple




Vandy in Entertainment logo in Orange Vandy in Finance logo in Dark Green




Vandy in Health logo in PinkVandy in Tech Logo in Lime Green