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Belonging, Well-Being & Community at Vanderbilt

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    Thrive on and off campus with programs, services and resources created just for you. 

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Be You at VU

At Vanderbilt, we want everyone in our community to know they belong. And one of the best ways we can ensure that is to give you the resources you need to be well, grow and thrive—physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and professionally.   

If you’re a student, our built-in support system can help you navigate the college experience. If you’re a faculty or a staff member, we can help you map the way forward in your career and get help when you need it. Whoever you are, whatever your story, we’re here to help support a happy and well you.  

Our Commitment 

An essential part of our effort to create a sense of belonging is Vanderbilt’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. The broad and diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our Vanderbilt community members enrich the educational experience and provide important avenues for growth and development for every member of our community. We endeavor to create an environment in which all members of our dynamic and varied campus community can engage in dialogue, learning, innovation and discovery, preparing leaders to engage with the world and its complexities. Learn more. 

Quick Guide

We recognize that creating a culture of belonging for all starts with recognizing that the path to being the version of yourself you strive to be encompasses several life and career areas, including programs and resources for leadership and development.

Students: Get Involved

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is You at VU?

    Vanderbilt is an inclusive, purpose-driven community dedicated to the lifelong realization of human potential for all members of the campus community. As part of its mission to drive positive change throughout the world, Vanderbilt is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all members of the university community. 

    You at VU is part of Vanderbilt’s goal to make sure each member of our community knows that they are valued and belong here. You at VU encompasses a philosophy of investing in well-being and connecting our community to a variety of resources. Our You at VU communications hub is a one-stop shop to help members of the Vanderbilt community learn more about resources available to become the best version of yourself and find a sense of belonging.

  • Why is a culture of belonging important at Vanderbilt?

    Our Vanderbilt community is full of people representing many backgrounds, hailing from a broad array of life experiences and geographies. Each person who is a part of our campus shares one commonality: You belong here. We define our university as one community dedicated to the lifelong realization of human potential. We are a community that challenges one another to excel beyond our personal best every day—and we support one another throughout every step of that process. This uniquely supportive culture is what we call the Vanderbilt Way. It fosters our growth as a whole person and enables all of us to carve our own paths to success together.

  • What new support and resources are available as Vanderbilt continues to grow its commitment to belonging?  

    Thinking about how to best support our diverse community is an ongoing process at Vanderbilt. Within the past year, we are proud to have reconfigured the way we approach creating a culture of belonging on our campus. A few recent changes include:  

  • Study Break
  • Turkey Toss Wond'ry Staff
  • Class of 2026

Additional Resources

  • Student Mental Health Resources

    For students who pay the Student Health Fee, the Student Care Network is your starting point for services and resources.

    Get support

  • Employee Mental Health Resources

    Faculty, staff, postdocs and their families now receive expanded support through a new mental health program, Lyra.

    Find options here