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Wellness Programs

The university considers the holistic health of students, faculty, staff and postdocs the upmost priority. Wellness is an active pursuit (not a static state) and multidimensional. All dimensions of wellness are important for individuals to find balance and a holistic sense of wellness. Vanderbilt’s wellness programs cover a variety of services that empower individuals to a greater sense of wellness.


Wellness Programs for Students

For information on student wellness support programs, please visit the Student Care Network site.


Wellness Programs for Faculty, Staff, Postdocs


The current Employee Assistance Program is run by Work/Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program (WLC-EAP) and will continue through December 2022.

In January 2023, Vanderbilt’s faculty, staff, postdocs and their families will receive expanded support through a new behavioral health program. The new program will be provided by Lyra, a behavioral service provider, that will deliver great access and care to the Vanderbilt community. This includes 24/7/365 concierge navigation support for behavioral and mental health needs. With Lyra, Vanderbilt will also be able to offer services for employee’s spouses and children ages 2 and older. Lyra services cover 12 EAP sessions per year, which is three times more than what is currently offered.


Find answers to the most asked questions about Lyra

Additional FAQ to be added in December 2022 and when the program kicks off in January 2023


Lyra services will be available for Vanderbilt University’s faculty, staff and postdocs. The services will also be available for their spouses and children 2+ years of age.


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If your provider is in the Lyra network, you can continue to see them and pay the in-network cost.

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If your provider is not in the Lyra network, you can see them and you will have to pay the out-of-network costs.

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The current Employee Hardship Fund is managed by WLC-EAP. As of January 2023, the university will be transitioning to an Employee Critical Support Fund. More details will be announced on this site in January 2023.


WELLNESS platform

Current programs, such as Go for the Gold and healthy lifestyle promotion services, are run through Health Plus and will continue through December 2022.

In January 2023, Vanderbilt’s faculty, staff and postdocs will have access to a new wellness platform provided by Virgin Pulse. This platform encourages behavioral change through completing a Health Risk Assessment and participating in fun team challenges with family and friends.

Key aspects of the platform include:

  • Easy to set up; simple to use. In minutes, individuals can set up an account, choose preferences, and start exploring health topics that interest them.
  • Take it with you wherever you go. With the Virgin Pulse app, individuals will have 24/7 access on their phone or device. No more being tied to the desktop, although it is available too.
  • Track automatically. Individuals get credit for the activities they’re already doing. Sync a fitness app or device to automatically track physical activity, sleep, and more.
  • Personalize your experience. People have unique wellness goals and the app allows individuals to focus on what is important to them.
  • Build community. Individuals can connect with friends, family, and coworkers to give and receive encouragement and support.
  • Earn rewards. Earn Pulse Cash rewards by completing action rewards.

Find answers to the most asked questions about Virgin Pulse

Additional FAQ to be added in December 2022 and when the program kicks off in January 2023

Virgin Pulse

Pulse Cash can be earned by members when reaching a level/completing an action reward in the Virgin Pulse app. Pulse Cash can be redeemed in the Virgin Pulse store found on the platform.  Within the Virgin Pulse store, members can purchase a wide range of health and wellness products.  Members can also transfer their Pulse Cash to a gift card or donate their Pulse Cash to a charity.

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You are able to earn Pulse Cash rewards quarterly.

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Yes, you can invite up to 10 friends and family to participate, but they will not be eligible to receive Pulse Cash rewards.

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If you have questions about wellness programs, please email