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Programs, services and resources designed to nurture employees beyond the work day.

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  • Engage

    Grow professionally and personally through social engagement, cultural enrichment, and ongoing training.

  • Belong

    Cultivate an atmosphere of support, creativity, collaboration and motivation as well as an overarching respect for others.

  • Well-being

    Care for your physical and emotional well-being to help reach your goals.

Be You at VU

At Vanderbilt, our job is to provide the resources you need to do yours well. That means creating a place where you feel you belong and making your physical, emotional and mental health needs our priority - whether you're on the clock or at home. Whether you're a new hire or a longtime employee, you belong here, and we're ready to support your growth as a valued member of our university community.

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  • How can I bolster my sense of belonging at VU?
    • There are a variety of resources and groups available that can help you find your place among the greater VU community.
    • Employee Affinity Groups are employee-led and facilitated groups formed around interests, backgrounds, identities, and common bonds to create a more inclusive environment.
    • Our Identity Centers offer a broad range of communities you can connect with based on your beliefs, ethnicity, gender identity and more.
    • The Employee Learning and Engagement (ELE) team offers workshops and activities that help employees engage, connect and feel empowered.
  • Which programs are available to me and how can they improve my personal well-being?
    • Virgin Pulse helps you set and work toward achieving healthy habit goals with incentives.
    • Lyra offers mental health services for both you and your family with a total of 12 counseling sessions per household member each year, at no cost to employees.
    • Fidelity, the manager of the VU Retirement Plan, can help keep your financial health in check with coaching and classes.
    • Employee Learning and Engagement fosters career growth with professional development and learning opportunities.

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  • Why does Vanderbilt offer these types of programs to staff?

    In short, you're our most valuable assets. All programming is evaluated based on a wide range of factors from employee satisfaction to healthcare cost control.

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  • Officer Jack
  • Move In

Additional Resources

  • Employee Mental Health Resources

    Faculty, staff, postdocs and their families now receive expanded support through a new mental health program, Lyra.

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