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Faculty Development

Dear Colleagues,

At Vanderbilt, we understand that our success as a university is tied to the extraordinary achievements of our world-class faculty. Through your efforts in research, teaching, and service, you help advance the mission of the university and ensure Vanderbilt makes a difference in the lives of people around the globe. We have a responsibility to support you in these critical efforts by fostering an open, inclusive community and creating a culture of relevant, accessible, and comprehensive professional development.

Because efforts in faculty development and inclusion are inextricably linked, our offices have collaborated to provide resources for your review and engagement. These include:

  • The Faculty Development Workshop series, a weekly workshop series that brings our faculty together for discussions about career-level appropriate topics;
  • Trainings for school and department-level administrators that provide actionable strategies for continually developing welcoming and diverse academic communities;
  • Information on funding initiatives, professional development opportunities, and faculty awards;
  • Data on faculty satisfaction and associated action items to improve faculty’s thoughts about the workplace.

We encourage you to engage with the resources highlighted on this website.  Given that development and inclusion is a collaborative effort, we both welcome your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.


William Robinson                                                 Tracey E. George

Interim Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives                         Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs



Faculty Insights

The Faculty Development Workshop series is a regularly scheduled workshop offering insights from faculty for faculty. The topics range from building a research agenda, to succeeding in the promotion and tenure process, to seeking leadership opportunities. Workshops are designed for all faculty or groups of faculty with similar concerns. Faculty Insights is co-sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence.



National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

The Office of Academic & Faculty Affairs offers webinars through its membership with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). NCFDD resources are broadly applicable across academic disciplines and include a range of topics such as time management, overcoming academic perfectionism, how to develop a daily writing plan, how to write grant proposals, and more. Archived webinars are also available on-demand online. You can activate your Vanderbilt-sponsored membership by going to the NCFDD website, selecting the “Join NCFDD” button, and choosing Vanderbilt University from the menu.

Faculty Awards

Faculty are at the core of what makes Vanderbilt University exceptional – research, teaching, advising, mentoring, and service form the essential intellectual energy of the university. Recognizing profound faculty contributions across these domains is an important aspect of Vanderbilt’s culture and traditions. The university presents the top faculty awards at the fall and spring Faculty Assemblies. Nominations for awards come from colleagues, department chairs, deans, and students. Descriptions and previous winners can be found here.


Office for Inclusive Excellence

The provost’s Office for Inclusive Excellence collaborates across Vanderbilt’s ten schools to ensure that the university community has access to diverse talent and creates an environment in which each individual is supported, developed, and poised to make a profound contribution within and beyond Vanderbilt. The office plays an active role in establishing, aggregating, and leveraging best practices for equity, diversity, and inclusion across the campus community, while also fostering substantive intellectual and social engagements and connections.


Center for Teaching

The Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching promotes university teaching that leads to meaningful student learning. The Center for Teaching’s offerings are available to any member of the Vanderbilt community interested in developing their teaching practices. Services include: Brightspace support, syllabus and course design consultations, student evaluations consultations, small group analysis, teaching observations, and grant consultations. The Center for Teaching also hosts a “Teaching at Vanderbilt” orientation for new Vanderbilt faculty at the beginning of every academic year.


Internal Funding Programs

Vanderbilt University is committed to supporting and retaining outstanding faculty. Internal funding programs such as the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows and the Provost Research Studios provide opportunities for faculty to enhance their careers at critical junctures. These awards launch or propel discovery, scholarship, works of art, and creative expression.