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Human mAbs Broadly Protect against Arthritogenic Alphaviruses by Recognizing Conserved Elements of the Mxra8 Receptor-Binding Site. Powell, LA; Miller, A; Fox, JM; Kose, N; Klose, T; Kim, AS; Bombardi, R; Tennekoon, RN; de Silva, AD; Carnahan, RH; Diamond, MS; Rossmann, MG; Kuhn, RJ; Crowe, JE, CELL HOST & MICROBE 2020, 28, 699-+ View Abstract

Diffusivity and Structure of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid in Various Organic Solvents. Cui, JL; Kobayashi, T; Sacci, RL; Matsumoto, RA; Cummings, PT; Pruski, M, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2020, 124, 9931-9937 View Abstract

Controlling the mode profile of photonic crystal nanobeam cavities with mix-and-match unit cells. Halimi, SI; Fu, ZY; Afzal, FO; Allen, JA; Hu, SR; Weiss, SM, JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS 2020, 37, 3401-3406 View Abstract

Antibodies targeting epitopes on the cell-surface form of NS1 protect against Zika virus infection during pregnancy. Wessel, AW; Kose, N; Bombardi, RG; Roy, V; Chantima, W; Mongkolsapaya, J; Edeling, MA; Nelson, CA; Bosch, I; Alter, G; Screaton, GR; Fremont, DH; Crowe, JE; Diamond, MS, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020, 11, 5278 View Abstract

Commentary on human pluripotent stem cell-based blood-brain barrier models. Lippmann, ES; Azarin, SM; Palecek, SP; Shusta, EV, FLUIDS AND BARRIERS OF THE CNS 2020, 17, 64 View Abstract

Addition of Chloroform in a Solvent-in-Salt Electrolyte: Outcomes in the Microscopic Dynamics in Bulk and Confinement. Martins, ML; Sacci, RL; Sanders, NC; Tyler, JL; Matsumoto, R; Popov, I; Guo, W; Dai, S; Cummings, PT; Sokolov, AP; Mamontov, E, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2020, 124, 22366-22375 View Abstract

Inappropriate Citation of Vaccine Article. Reif, DM; Chanock, SJ; Edwards, KM; Crowe, JE, JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2020, 222, 1413-1414

Quantifying the kinetics-energetics performance tradeoff in bipolar membrane electrodialysis. Lu, HX; Wang, L; Wycisk, R; Pintauro, PN; Lin, SH, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2020, 612, 118279 View Abstract

Electrical and Thermal Transport through Silver Nanowires and Their Contacts: Effects of Elastic Stiffening. Zhao, Y; Fitzgerald, ML; Tao, Y; Pan, ZL; Sauti, G; Xu, DY; Xu, YQ; Li, DY, NANO LETTERS 2020, 20, 7389-7396 View Abstract

Ultrafast Photocurrent Response and High Detectivity in Two-Dimensional MoSe2-based Heterojunctions. Ornelas, CD; Bowman, A; Walmsley, TS; Wang, TJ; Andrews, K; Zhou, ZX; Xu, YQ, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020, 12, 46476-46482 View Abstract

The 2020 Young Innovators of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. King, MR; Peyton, S; Simon, SI, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOENGINEERING 2020, 13, 391-392

Molecular Imaging of Inflammation in Osteoarthritis Using a Water-Soluble Fluorocoxib. Uddin, MJ; Vemulapalli, A; Niitsu, H; Crews, BC; Oltman, CG; Kingsley, PJ; Kavanaugh, TE; Bedingfield, SK; Mcintyre, JO; Milad, M; Aleem, AM; Coffey, RJ; Duvall, CL; Marnett, LJ, ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2020, 11, 1875-1880 View Abstract

Increased canonical NF-kappaB signaling specifically in macrophages is sufficient to limit tumor progression in syngeneic murine models of ovarian cancer. Hoover, AA; Hufnagel, DH; Harris, W; Bullock, K; Glass, EB; Liu, E; Barham, W; Crispens, MA; Khabele, D; Giorgio, TD; Wilson, AJ; Yull, FE, BMC CANCER 2020, 20, 970 View Abstract

Extrafollicular B cell responses correlate with neutralizing antibodies and morbidity in COVID-19. Woodruff, MC; Ramonell, RP; Nguyen, DC; Cashman, KS; Saini, AS; Haddad, NS; Ley, AM; Kyu, S; Howell, JC; Ozturk, T; Lee, SY; Suryadevara, N; Case, JB; Bugrovsky, R; Chen, WR; Estrada, J; Morrison-Porter, A; Derrico, A; Anam, FA; Sharma, M; Wu, HM; Le, SN; Jenks, SA; Tipton, CM; Staitieh, B; Daiss, JL; Ghosn, E; Diamond, MS; Carnahan, RH; Crowe, JE; Hu, WT; Lee, FEH; Sanz, I, NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 2020, 21, 1506-+ View Abstract

Net negative contributions of free electrons to the thermal conductivity of NbSe3 nanowires. Pan, ZL; Yang, L; Tao, Y; Zhu, YL; Xu, YQ; Mao, ZQ; Li, DY, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2020, 22, 21131-21138 View Abstract

Computationally Designed Cyclic Peptides Derived from an Antibody Loop Increase Breadth of Binding for Influenza Variants. Sevy, AM; Gilchuk, IM; Brown, BP; Bozhanova, NG; Nargi, R; Jensen, M; Meiler, J; Crowe, JE, STRUCTURE 2020, 28, 1114-+ View Abstract

Identification of Structurally Related Antibodies in Antibody Sequence Databases Using Rosetta-Derived Position-Specific Scoring. Finn, JA; Dong, JH; Sevy, AM; Parrish, E; Gilchuk, I; Nargi, R; Scarlett-Jones, M; Reichard, W; Bombardi, R; Voss, TG; Meiler, J; Crowe, JE, STRUCTURE 2020, 28, 1124-+ View Abstract

Predicting susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection based on structural differences in ACE2 across species. Alexander, MR; Schoeder, CT; Brown, JA; Smart, CD; Moth, C; Wikswo, JP; Capra, JA; Meiler, J; Chen, WB; Madhur, MS, FASEB JOURNAL 2020, 34, 15946-15960 View Abstract

Renal Replacement Therapy in the ICU The Collateral of Habit. Siew, ED; Fissell, WH, CHEST 2020, 158, 1303-1304

Development of an N-Cadherin Biofunctionalized Hydrogel to Support the Formation of Synaptically Connected Neural Networks. O'Grady, BJ; Balotin, KM; Bosworth, AM; McClatchey, PM; Weinstein, RM; Gupta, M; Poole, KS; Bellan, LM; Lippmann, ES, ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING 2020, 6, 5811-5822 View Abstract

Electrospun Hybrid Perfluorosulfonic Acid/Sulfonated Silica Composite Membranes. Dos Santos, L; Powers, D; Wycisk, R; Pintauro, PN, MEMBRANES 2020, 10, 250 View Abstract

Metformin and Inhibition of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta StimulateIn VitroTransport in Primary Renal Tubule Cells. Love, H; Evans, R; Humes, HD; Roy, S; Zent, R; Harris, R; Wilson, M; Fissell, WH, TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A 2020, 26, 1091-1098 View Abstract

A Scalable, Hierarchical Rib Design for Larger-Area, Higher-Porosity Nanoporous Membranes for the Implantable Bio-Artificial Kidney. Chui, BW; Wright, NJ; Ly, J; Maginnis, DA; Haniff, TM; Blaha, C; Fissell, WH; Roy, S, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS 2020, 29, 762-768 View Abstract

Doping-driven electronic and lattice dynamics in the phase-change material vanadium dioxide. Appavoo, K; Nag, J; Wang, B; Luo, WD; Duscher, G; Payzant, EA; Sfeir, MY; Pantelides, ST; Haglund, RF, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2020, 102, 115148 View Abstract

O-Band Subwavelength Grating Filters in a Monolithic Photonics Technology. Afzal, FO; Bian, YS; Peng, B; Hu, SR; Aboketaf, A; Dezfulian, KK; Nummy, K; Stricker, A; Hedges, C; Sowinski, Z; Rakowski, M; Lee, WS; Augur, R; Riggs, D; Giewont, K; Weiss, SM, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS 2020, 32, 1207-1210 View Abstract

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