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Evaluation of Impulse Attenuation by Football Helmets in the Frequency Domain. Leiva-Molano, N; Rolley, RJ; Lee, T; McIver, KG; Sankaran, G; Meyer, JJ; Adams, DE; Breedlove, E; Talavage, TM; Nauman, EA, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME 2020, 142, 061012 View Abstract

Effects of acoustic softening on thermal conductivity beyond group velocity. Gerboth, MD; Walker, DG, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2020, 127, 204302 View Abstract

Narrowband Polaritonic Thermal Emitters Driven by Waste Heat. Lu, GY; Nolen, JR; Folland, TG; Tadjer, MJ; Walker, DG; Caldwell, JD, ACS OMEGA 2020, 5, 10900-10908 View Abstract

Evidence for Interfacial Octahedral Coupling as a Route to Enhance Magnetoresistance in Perovskite Oxide Superlattices. Zhou, Y; Kouser, S; Borisevich, AY; Pantelides, ST; May, SJ, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2020, 7, 1901576 View Abstract

Potent STING activation stimulates immunogenic cell death to enhance antitumor immunity in neuroblastoma. Wang-Bishop, L; Wehbe, M; Shae, D; James, J; Hacker, BC; Garland, K; Chistov, PP; Rafat, M; Balko, JM; Wilson, JT, JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER 2020, 8, e000282 View Abstract

Human Antibodies Protect against Aerosolized Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Infection. Williamson, LE; Gilliland, T; Yadav, PK; Binshtein, E; Bombardi, R; Kose, N; Nargi, RS; Sutton, RE; Durie, CL; Armstrong, E; Carnahan, RH; Walker, LM; Kim, AS; Fox, JM; Diamond, MS; Ohi, MD; Klimstra, WB; Crowe, JE, CELL 2020, 183, 1884-+ View Abstract

ClonoMatch: a tool for identifying homologous immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor sequences in large databases. Jones, T; Day, SB; Myers, L; Crowe, JE; Soto, C, BIOINFORMATICS 2020, 36, 5695-5697 View Abstract

Potent Henipavirus Neutralization by Antibodies Recognizing Diverse Sites on Hendra and Nipah Virus Receptor Binding Protein. Dong, JH; Cross, RW; Doyle, MP; Kose, N; Mousa, JJ; Annand, EJ; Borisevich, V; Agans, KN; Sutton, R; Nargi, R; Majedi, M; Fenton, KA; Reichard, W; Bombardi, RG; Geisbert, TW; Crowe, JE, CELL 2020, 183, 1536-+ View Abstract

Tolman's Electronic Parameter of the Ligand Predicts Phase in the Cation Exchange to CuFeS2 Nanoparticles. Sharp, CG; Leach, ADP; Macdonald, JE, NANO LETTERS 2020, 20, 8556-8562 View Abstract

Effective Lorenz Number of the Point Contact between Silver Nanowires. Xiong, YC; Zhao, Y; Tao, Y; Yao, FJ; Li, DY; Xu, DY, NANO LETTERS 2020, 20, 8576-8583 View Abstract

Insulating SiO2 under Centimeter-Scale, Single-Crystal Graphene Enables Electronic-Device Fabrication. Guo, H; Wang, XY; Huang, L; Jin, X; Yang, ZZ; Zhou, Z; Hu, H; Zhang, YY; Lu, HL; Zhang, QH; Shen, CM; Lin, X; Gu, L; Dai, Q; Bao, LH; Du, SX; Hofer, W; Pantelides, ST; Gao, HJ, NANO LETTERS 2020, 20, 8584-8591 View Abstract

Discovery of Marburg virus neutralizing antibodies from virus-naive human antibody repertoires using large-scale structural predictions. Bozhanova, NG; Sangha, AK; Sevy, AM; Gilchuk, P; Huang, K; Nagi, RS; Reidy, JX; Trivette, A; Carnahan, RH; Bukreyev, A; Crowe, JE; Meiler, J, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2020, 117, 31142-31148 View Abstract

Synthesis of vulcanite (CuTe) and metastable Cu1.5Te nanocrystals using a dialkyl ditelluride precursor. Robinson, EH; Dwyer, KM; Koziel, AC; Nuriye, AY; Macdonald, JE, NANOSCALE 2020, 12, 23036-23041 View Abstract

Graphene Plasmon Cavities Made with Silicon Carbide (vol 2, pg 3640, 2017). Li, K; Fitzgerald, JM; Xiao, XF; Caldwell, JD; Zhang, C; Maier, SA; Li, XF; Giannini, V, ACS OMEGA 2020, 5, 30746-30746

Caveolae-mediated transport at the injured blood-brain barrier as an underexplored pathway for central nervous system drug delivery. Sorets, AG; Rosch, JC; Duvall, CL; Lippmann, ES, CURRENT OPINION IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2020, 30, 86-95 View Abstract

Professor Satish G. Kandlikar on His 70th Birthday. Awad, MM; Attinger, D; Bejan, A; Beskok, A; Celata, GP; Colin, S; Dhir, VK; Di Marco, P; Ekkad, SV; Garimella, S; Kawaji, M; King, MR; Kockmann, N; Kriegel, J; Mitra, SK; Moghaddam, S; Muzychka, YS; Narayanan, V; Ribatski, G; Sherif, SA; Shoji, M; Stephan, P; Thome, JR; Weisensee, PB, JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS 2020, 12, 060301

On-site treatment capacity of membrane distillation powered by waste heat or natural gas for unconventional oil and gas wastewater in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Robbins, CA; Grauberger, BM; Garland, SD; Carlson, KH; Lin, SH; Bandhauer, TM; Tong, TZ, ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 2020, 145, 106142 View Abstract

Vapor-liquid equilibria for binary systems carbon dioxide+1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoro-3-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)propane or 1-ethoxy-1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane at 303.15-323.15 K. Matsuda, H; Suga, T; Tsuji, T; Tochigi, K; Kurihara, K; Nelson, AK; McCabe, C, FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA 2020, 524, 112814 View Abstract

Enhanced stem cell retention and antioxidative protection with injectable, ROS-degradable PEG hydrogels. Martin, JR; Patil, P; Yu, F; Gupta, MK; Duvall, CL, BIOMATERIALS 2020, 263, 120377 View Abstract

Structural Optimization of Polymeric Carriers to Enhance the Immunostimulatory Activity of Molecularly Defined RIG-I Agonists. Jacobson, ME; Becker, KW; Palmer, CR; Pastora, LE; Fletcher, RB; Collins, KA; Fedorova, O; Duvall, CL; Pyle, AM; Wilson, JT, ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE 2020, 6, 2008-2022 View Abstract

Visualizing HIF-1 alpha mRNA in a Subpopulation of Bone Marrow-Derived Cells to Predict Retinal Neovascularization. Uddin, MI; Kilburn, TC; Duvall, CL; Penn, JS, ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2020, 15, 3004-3012 View Abstract

Reconfigurable Multistate Optical Systems Enabled by VO2 Phase Transitions. Duan, XY; White, ST; Cui, YY; Neubrech, F; Gao, YF; Haglund, RF; Liu, N, ACS PHOTONICS 2020, 7, 2958-2965 View Abstract

Lithography-free IR polarization converters via orthogonal in-plane phonons in alpha-MoO3 flakes. Dereshgi, SA; Folland, TG; Murthy, AA; Song, XL; Tanriover, I; Dravid, VP; Caldwell, JD; Aydin, K, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020, 11, 5771 View Abstract

Modifying Cell Membranes with Anionic Polymer Amphiphiles Potentiates Intracellular Delivery of Cationic Peptides. Dailing, EA; Kilchrist, KV; Tierney, JW; Fletcher, RB; Evans, BC; Duvall, CL, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020, 12, 50222-50235 View Abstract

Reversing the Thermodynamics of Galvanic Replacement Reactions by Decreasing the Size of Gold Nanoparticles. Pattadar, DK; Masitas, RA; Stachurski, CD; Cliffel, DE; Zamborini, FP, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2020, 142, 19268-19277 View Abstract

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