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UV Ozone Cleaner - Jelight M 42


Contact: Dmitry Koktysh
ESB 107 - Analytical

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The UVO cleaner uses a short wavelength UV to excite the contaminant molecules on the surface, which react with atomic oxygen or ozone simultaneously generated, to form simpler, volatile molecules which then desorb from the surface.


  • Cleaning tray size 6x6 inch
  • Max height adjustment 1.5 inch
  • Highly efficient source of UV light: 185 nm and 254 nm. Atomic oxygen is simultaneously generated when molecular oxygen and ozone is dissociated  
  • The process does not damage sensitive device structures of MOS gate oxide
  • Substrate UV cleaning prior to thin film deposition
  • Cleaning of silicon wafers, lenses, mirrors, solar panels, cold rolled steel
  • Enhancing oxide passivated surfaces
  • Enhance outgassing of glass
  • Improve adhesion of coatings on plastics
  • Growing oxide layers on silicon wafers
  • Cleaning circuit boards prior to packaging/adhesion
  • Increase hydrophilic characteristics of surfaces
  • UV Cleaning and sterilization for bioscience applications