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Thermogravimetric Analyzer - Instrument Specialists TGA-1000


Contact: Dmitry Koktysh
ESB 107 - Analytical

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Instrument Specialist's TGA-1000 measures weight change as a function of time or temperature profile. It is suitable for evaluation of fillers, bound water, unbound water, antioxidants, and thermal stability. 


  • Temperature range: ambient to 1000 °C
  • Weight measuring ranges: up to 20 or 200 mg
  • Heating and cooling rate 0.1-300 °C /min
  • Weight readability: 0.001 mg
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C
  • Temperature Segments: 10, each segment includes a ramp, isothermal hold and a gas switch
  • Dual PID controller
  • Time vs. temperature profiles