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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer - JA Woollam M2000VI


Contact: Dmitry Koktysh
ESB 107 - Analytical

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The J.A. Woollam M-2000VI ellipsometer measures the refractive index and thickness of thin films. The spectral range is 371.3nm - 1688.7nm, and optional heat and liquid cells allow for measurement under various environmental conditions.


  • Operating range from UV 370 nm extended to NIR 1690nm
  • 370-1000nm, 390 wavelengths, 1005-1690nm, 190 wavelengths
  • Detector CCD
  • Angle of incidence range: 15 °- 90 °
  • Modular optical design
  • Data acquisition rate (complete Spectrum) 0.05 seconds (2-5 seconds is typical)
  • Max substrate thickness 18 mm
  • Heat cell to control the sample temperature from room temperature to 300 ° Purge gas capability
  • LiquidCell with capacity 5 mL and angle of incidence 75° to fit 50 mm silicon wafers and 3x1 inch glass microscope slides
  • Combined QCM-D/Ellipsometry setup for real-time characterization of thin molecular films with the angle of incidence of 65°
  • Measure thin film thickness and optical constants
  • Measure the optical constants (both n and k) from any type of material, whether dielectric, organic, semiconductor, or metal
  • Sensitive to less than a monolayer of material (sub-nm) on a surface and yet can determine thickness for transparent films up to tens of microns