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Tecnai Osiris TEM/STEM


Contact: James McBride
ESB 011 - Advanced Imaging

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The Thermofisher Tecnai Osiris is a modern analytical 60-200 kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM). Its constant-current lens design delivers rapid access to high resolution TEM and STEM imaging with minimal alignments.  The Osiris is equipped with an industry-leading energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) SuperX™ detection system, achieving highest efficiency detection of all elements down to and including boron. Drift-corrected STEM-EDS maps utilizing this system enables quantifiable chemical imaging at the nanoscale. In conjunction with the Fischione 2020 Advanced Tomography Holder, 3D TEM, STEM and STEM-EDS imaging at the nanoscale is possible. Further, structural dynamics can be visualized utilizing the in-situ heating abilities available with the use of the Protochips Aduro Platform or Gatan In-situ heating holder.  



  • Conventional Bright-Field and Dark-Field TEM imaging at 60 kV to 200 kV
  • High Resolution TEM with better than 0.2 nm resolution
  • High Resolution HAADF (Z-contrast) STEM with 0.16 nm resolution
  • Electron Diffraction via Selective Area Electron Diffraction or Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
  • 3D imaging of nanostructure morphology with TEM and STEM tomography
  • Automated through focal series collection and exit wave reconstruction with TrueImage

Spectroscopy - SuperX™ Empowered Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

  • TEM-EDS for element detection down to and including boron
  • STEM-EDS chemical mapping with sub-nm spatial resolution
  • Rapid chemical imaging with quantifiable results
  • STEM-EDS in 3D with tilt-insensitive detector positions

In-Situ Heating

  • Protochips Aduro Platform – room temperature to 1200 ˚C
  • Gatan in situ Heating Holder – tantalum crucible for conventional TEM samples, up to 1300 ˚C


  • Amira 3D visualization software
  • Inspect3D tomography reconstruction software
  • Trueimage exit wave reconstruction software
  • Bruker Esprit 1.9 EDS analysis software


  • Micro to nanoscale imaging
  • Particle sizing
  • Negative stain
  • High resolution crystal lattice imaging
  • Crystal structure determination
  • Nanoparticle characterization
  • Chemical imaging of nanostructures and fixed biological samples
  • 3D imaging of nanostructures
  • In-Situ annealing
  • Atomic-level strain imaging
  • Defect analysis