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Fischione Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner


Contact: James McBride
ESB 020 - Specimen Prep

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The Fischione Model 10120 Plasma Cleaner uses an oxygen-argon gas mixture to generate a reactive plasma under high vacuum conditions. This reactive gas mixture oxidizes and then volatilizes carbon material. By controlling the time that the sample is exposed to the plasma, one can progress from simply making a carbon film more polar and therefore more hydrophilic to the complete removal of surface-absorbed carbon. Removal of carbon contamination is a key step in achieving high resolution SEM and TEM images.


  • Glow Discharge TEM grid treatment
  • Carbon Contamination Reduction and Removal
  • Treat multiple SEM and TEM samples at a time
  • Side Entry TEM Holder Cleaning and Pumping


  • TEM Sample Preparation
  • Negative Stain
  • High Resolution SEM
  • High Resolution TEM/STEM and STEM-EDS