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Angstrom Amod Resistive Deposition System


Contact: VINSE Cleanroom
ESB 111 - Cleanroom

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The Angstrom Resistive system is currently used to deposit non-precious metals via resistive thermal evaporation.   The deposition chamber can be opened to air or to a nitrogen glovebox with a spincoater, allowing coatings of air-sensitive samples such as organic films.


  • Current deposition materials: Al and Cr
  • Additional materials available upon request
  • Maximum sample size: 55 inch (14 cm) diameter region (mounted on flat sample holder)
  • Sample holder features: rotation for high uniformity films available
  • 6 resistive thermal evaporation sources
  • Film thickness controlled by quartz crystal microbalance in conjunction with manual or PID loop control
  • Chamber reaches 5e-6 Torr after a 25 minute pumpdown
  • Direct access to nitrogen glovebox with spincoater and to multimode deposition system for air-sensitive samples


  • Metal Electrodes
  • Dissipation Layer for Electron Beam Lithography and Scanning Electron Microscopy on Non-conductive Surfaces