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Our Mission

Vanderbilt University is one of just a handful of universities globally that combines excellence in residential undergraduate education, a top-tier research enterprise and an association with a world-class academic medical center. Starting from this position of strength, the university has advanced on a steep upward trajectory in recent years, enabling it to attract the world's best students, scholars and staff. The Academic Strategic Plan charges the university to direct this tremendous community to improve the human condition through excellence in teaching and research. Doing so requires that our financial, administrative and research infrastructure become more robust to offer the best support to Vanderbilt.

We are investing in transformation of this infrastructure now to:

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of information to inform swift and smart decisions about where and how to invest our resources
  • Provide new opportunities for our staff to contribute to the university's success
  • Modernize processes and systems to allow our faculty and staff to focus more of their time and energy on the core mission
  • Mitigate risks from the separation of the Medical Center and avoid new risks to the university