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Group Therapy & Workshops

What is the difference between groups and workshops?

Both groups and workshops are powerful treatment modalities. Their power lies in the support and feedback given by other participants as well as by the facilitators. They offer a supportive and affirming space for students to discuss challenges and build connections. Appropriate self-disclosure within groups and workshops may take place at the student’s own comfort level and pace. While joining a group or workshop can feel intimidating, these treatment modalities offer advantages that cannot be found in individual counseling.

  • Please note: Urgent Care and Drop-in Consultation are also additional resource options.
  • Navigating a loss? Grief can take many forms, and the journey will look and feel different for everyone. You may be wondering where to begin, or how to hold your identities as a student and a bereaved person at the same time. If you or someone you know is mourning a loved one, the UCC is here to help. Email to learn more.

Interested in a group or workshop? Complete an interest form or reach out to one of the contacts listed below.


  • Mostly focused on the development of resilience and self-awareness.
  • Generally closed format (i.e., maximum number of participants); no session limits.
  • Includes other participants who wish to receive support around a shared identity or lived experience.
  • Requires continuous attendance in order for participants to obtain full benefits.
  • Group facilitators will often screen group members before their joining the group.
  • Requires a referral from an SCC care coordinator or UCC provider.

GROUPS – Fall 2023

Please select a group for more information.

This group is on pause for the remainder of the fall semester.

Thursdays, 4:00-5:30

Format: Zoom (see contact info below)

Continuum is a group for students wishing to give and receive support around sexual identity and/or gender identity.  Individuals interested in this group may identify as LGBTQI, or may choose not to subscribe to any particular label or category. Continuum provides a safe, confidential, and affirming environment to discuss identity, community, self-esteem, intimate relationships, family & friendships, and other issues of relevance.

*Co-leaders will conduct a brief meeting with interested students prior to joining the group.

If interested, please contact one of the following UCC staff members:
Kyle Shadrick at 
Ashley Weber at

Tuesdays 2:30-4:00pm, starting 8/29 

Location: UCC 

Fall 2023 Module: Emotion Regulation 

This 10-week group is designed to provide a safe place for students to learn a variety of skills/tools to manage problems in daily life particularly in this challenging academic environment. Modules may be one of the following: Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance or Mindfulness  

Please contact to schedule a brief informational meeting/screening.  

Wednesdays 3:00pm-4:30pm

Location: UCC 

The Graduate Process Group is designed to provide a space for graduate students with a broad spectrum of mental health concerns. Group members will offer each other support and feedback in working toward change. Common concerns that may be addressed in this group include navigating graduate programs and demands, interpersonal relationship difficulties, transitioning from graduate school to the work environment, individuation, identity concerns, and work/life balance. 

Group currently closed, but if interested for future semesters, please contact Tamaki Silver at 

WEDNESDAY 5 – 6 PM (In-person at Project Safe)

Rooted in Resilience is a support group, designed for students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. This could mean experiences of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, emotional abuse, stalking, harassment, and/or childhood abuse. This group is intended to provide a supportive environment for survivors. Time is spent listening, sharing experiences, sharing challenges associated with trauma, and gaining tools and knowledge as students work toward healing. Group is open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. This group is a collaboration between the University Counseling Center and the Project Safe Center. 

No formal referral is required. 

If interested in this group, please email olivia.darrow.1@Vanderbilt.Edu

Wednesdays, every other week from 4-5pm; 8/30/23-12/16/23

Location: UCC

Are you a graduate student in BRET or another STEM department? Join us! This support group will provide an opportunity to share, listen, and connect with other BRET students in a safe and private space. A support group often helps members feel less alone and better able to cope with concerns. The group will explore themes that include stress and coping, impostor syndrome, managing difficult relationships, identity, helping a friend, and grief. This is an open group (for graduate students only) and members are encouraged to join at any time throughout the semester.  

For further information, please contact Aneesa Anderson,


Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm (10/4, 10/11, 10/18 and 10/25)

Format: Zoom

This is a 4-week psychoeducational and discussion group surrounding the topic of drugs and alcohol use. The primary purpose of this group is to learn about the concepts of drugs and alcohol, how these substances affect the body, thoughts and emotions involving drugs and alcohol, and techniques and resources to assist with moderation and/or abstinence of use. The group is available to all students who are struggling with substance use or want to know more about substance use to support friends and family. The topics of each of the weeks are as follows:

  • Week 1: Disease of Addiction
  • Week 2: Cravings and Triggers
  • Week 3: Coping Skills and Boundaries
  • Week 4: Recovery Resources

Registration Link:

For more information, please contact Brent Alcaraz,

Understanding Self & Others is a weekly interpersonal process group for undergraduate students who want to explore personal growth, increase self-awareness and enhance their experiences in personal and academic settings. In this safe space, group members will practice communicating more honestly and effectively with others while gaining support from peers and therapists. Group topics may include adjustment, loneliness, academic/general stress, social anxiety, and relationships. 

Group Screening required as prerequisite.

USO #1

USO #2

Mondays from 3-4:45 PM beginning September 11th

Location: UCC

Untangle and align your thoughts and emotions at our expressive arts group. The Untangle group offers a space to connect, in the “here and now”, and experience the healing power of creativity. Through visual art, movement, music, and storytelling emotions are liberated facilitating insight and growth. No prior experience in art making is needed and art material will be provided. 

Group Screening Required.

For more information, please contact one of the following UCC staff members: 

Tuesdays 3:30-5:00pm (Starting 9/12)

Location: UCC

The Women’s Process Group is a group where participants explore their concerns about relationships, academic and work stress, problems with depression or anxiety, family, life transitions, and communication, among other concerns. This exploration enables participants to work on changing their thinking or behavior patterns to make their lives work better, enjoy their lives more fully, and achieve a sense of personal authenticity. In addition, the Women’s Group focuses on the ways in which women’s lives are impacted by societal gender stereotypes and the guilt and shame that can be experienced when we do not fit certain stereotypes.  An important aspect of this group is the chance to explore here-and-now relationships with the other women in the group, to see how others’ experiences are like your own, and to support and encourage positive change. This is an in-person group for undergraduate, graduate and professional students and is open to anyone identifying as a woman.  

For group screening or more information please contact Sydney Holofcener,

Mondays, 12 PM - 1 PM (In-Person) | Start Date: 9/11/23

Tuesdays, 4 PM - 5 PM (Zoom) | Start Date: 9/26/23

The goal of this group is to provide support and guidance to nursing students as they cope with the challenges of nursing school and their upcoming professional practice. Topics to be covered include fitting in, self-care, dealing with stress, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, performance anxiety, compassion fatigue, time management, and transitioning from nursing student to clinical practice.

This group will have both in-person and online options. In-person groups will be held at the nursing school and online groups will be via zoom. Both in-person and online options will be held once per month. In-person groups will meet on Mondays at 12PM and online groups will be held on Tuesdays at 4PM.

For more information, please contact one of the following staff members: or

Introductions: Framework, layout, and ground rules Sept. 11, 2023 Godchaux 601 Sept. 26, 2023 931 2726 7619/
Cohort dynamics: Belonging and fitting in Oct 9, 2023 Godchaux 601 Oct. 24, 2023 923 1002 3768/
Self-care: Establishing a work/life balance Nov. 13, 2023 Godchaux 601 Nov. 28, 2023 966 3985 6490/
Perfectionism: When we don't meet our own expectations n/a n/a Dec. 5, 2023 910 5627 3165/
Mindfulness: Focus on self-care and compassion Jan. 8, 2024 TBD Jan 23, 2024 953 8560 3508/
Imposter syndrome: "I don't know what I am doing!" Feb. 5, 2024 TBD Feb. 20, 2024 919 9606 1821/
Performance anxiety: Exam and simulation anxiety March 4, 2024 TBD March 19, 2024 934 4815 3595/
Compassion fatigue: Preventing and coping with burn-out April 1, 2024 TBD April 16, 2024 943 3650 2694/
Time management: Feeling overwhelmed May 6, 2024 TBD May 21, 2024 960 8096
Transitions: From student to clinical practice June 3, 2024 TBD June 18, 2024 942 1123 5474/
Managing stress: Preparing for board exams July 8, 2024 TBD July 23, 2024 991 6016 0619/



  • Mostly focused on the development of everyday skills.
  • Workshops tend to be intermittent and take place in series, not requiring continuous attendance.
  • There is no necessary screening (drop-in registrations are welcome).

WORKSHOPS – Fall 2023

Please select a workshop for more information.

Anxiety Toolbox is a three-week workshop for students with anxiety-related concerns. It is often described as a “mini class on anxiety” and includes activities for practice outside of each session. Attendees will walk away with tangible tools for identifying and managing anxiety symptoms. Whether you experience social anxiety, academic anxiety, panic attacks, or general anxiety, this workshop is for you!  

Round 1: Wednesdays 9/20, 9/27 & 10/4; 4-5pm 

Zoom—Register Here 

Round 2: Thursdays 9/28, 10/5 & 10/12; 11am-noon 

Zoom—Register Here 

Round 3: Mondays 10/23, 10/30 & 11/6; 3-4pm 

Zoom—Register Here 

Round 4: Tuesdays 11/28, 12/5 & 12/12; 4-5pm 

Zoom—Register Here 

Mondays 2:00 - 3:00 PM (Virtual)

Drop-in DBT:

Do you ever feel like you need help coping with the stress of college life? Are you interested in adding more coping “tools” to your “toolbox”? If so, our Drop-in DBT workshop might be for you! In this weekly, drop-in group you will learn tangible skills to better approach problems in life. Topics will include how to be more present in life, how to cope with emotions that are overwhelming, how to cope with and change distressing and unhelpful emotions and find balance of the give and take in relationships. This workshop is open to all students! No referral or screenings needed.

Please contact with any questions.

All sessions are from 2:00 - 3:00 PM via Zoom.

8/28 Mindfulness 
9/4 Distress Tolerance 
9/11 Emotion Regulation 
9/18 Interpersonal Effectiveness 
9/25 Mindfulness
10/2 Distress tolerance 
10/9 Emotion regulation 
10/16 Interpersonal Effectiveness 
10/23 Mindfulness
10/30 Distress tolerance
11/6 Emotion regulation 
11/13 Interpersonal Effectiveness 
11/27 Mindfulness
12/4 Distress tolerance

This workshop series is designed to help students become less self-critical and respond to their daily struggles with kindness and compassion, rather than judgment and criticism. The workshop is comprised of 2 sections, Part 1: Developing Self-Compassion Workshop and Part 2: Practicing Self-Compassion Group, that will integrate psychoeducation, experiential exercises, and interactive discussions to help participants develop tools that will serve to increase their overall level of self-compassion and well-being. This workshop series is being offered to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate Vanderbilt students. 

  • Part 1: Developing Self-Compassion Workshop - The Developing Self-Compassion Workshop is the first part of the Self-Compassion Workshop Series. This workshop is a 3-week, virtual introduction to the concept of self-compassion and participants will learn various strategies for incorporating self-compassion in daily life. In this mini-course, students are invited to actively participate in exercises, engage in dialogue, and are encouraged to practice the tools regularly throughout the week. Students who complete this section are welcome to join the Part 2: Practicing Self-Compassion Group.   
  • Part 2: Practicing Self-Compassion Group - The Practicing Self-Compassion Group is the second part of the Self-Compassion Workshop Series and is intended for students who have completed the Part 1: Developing Self-Compassion Workshop. This group is a 6-week, in-person opportunity to explore self-compassion with additional depth. Students will be invited to further their self-compassion development with the use of reflective journaling, mindfulness exercises, and expressive art activities in a supportive and confidential group environment. 

Developing Self-Compassion, Virtual 3wk Workshop

Practicing Self-Compassion, In-person 5wk Group (1.5hr):

  • Date/time: Thursdays 3-4:30pm – Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 30
  • Location: In-person, UCC
  • Note: Completion of the Developing Self Compassion Workshop is a prerequisite to this group.  
  • Registration: email

Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00, 9/6-9/27, 10/11, 11/1

Center for Student Wellbeing 

This workshop will have an emphasis on deepening understanding of what ADHD is and isn’t while also touching on cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness interventions. Topics include skills for addressing inattention and improving work completion, time management, and organization.  

Participants can expect to actively engage in skill-building in these areas in a scaffolded, supportive environment. No referral is necessary, and attendance is not mandatory, although you will get the most benefit if you make a commitment to attend all sessions in the series. 

 A verified diagnosis of ADHD is not required to attend; any interested student is welcome!

For more information, please contact one of the following staff members: