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The mission of outreach at the UCC is to actively support the Vanderbilt community by providing primary prevention programming intended to increase mental health awareness on campus, reduce stigma related to seeking out mental health services, and create opportunities for students to build resilience and feel more empowered as they meet their academic and personal goals.

Services Offered
To support optimal wellness for students at Vanderbilt, the UCC facilitates a variety of outreach programming including but are not limited to:

  • Presentations/Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Information Tables


We are glad to accept requests submitted by student organizations, staff, and faculty. Presentations are offered in a variety of on campus settings.

To request services, please complete the form below. Please note that the UCC requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice to consider request.  All request will be screened by the outreach coordinator within 48 hours of the initial request. Approval of requests are contingent upon scheduling, availability of staff and type of request submitted.

Submit your Outreach Request Form Here!



This page was last updated July 2023