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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University Counseling Center (UCC) have session limits?

The UCC does not have session limits. Our Center provides time-limited and culturally responsive care to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. Each treatment plan is designed to meet the needs of students within an affirming and inclusive ethos of care. Responding to the psychological effects of crisis and educating the campus community through outreach and community engagement are also critical components of our mission.

Does the UCC charge for services?

Most of the UCC services are covered through University tuition and fees, including new client appointments, individual and group psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations and follow-ups, urgent care, psychological assessments, and drop-in consultations.  While medication management visits do not incur a charge, students are responsible for purchasing their own medications.

Does the UCC have a training program? Will I be seen by a trainee?

The UCC has a robust training program, accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). We train a wide range of students coming from diverse backgrounds and graduate programs who are pursuing a career as mental health providers. All trainees are thoughtfully supervised by licensed clinicians. The UCC also has clinicians who are no longer in training but are seeking licensure in their field and are under supervision.

Is the UCC staff fully trained on cultural awareness and humility?

The understanding of cultural diversity and the practice of cultural humility is our mission, and it pertains to all of our initiatives and interventions. The UCC has a Diversity Alliance, composed of professional staff and trainees. The Diversity Alliance is charged with strategizing monthly staff trainings and advising the leadership team on critical matters involving underrepresented groups and identities. Our staff is a representation of cultural diversity and each of them bring something unique to the center.

Does the UCC share information with other Student Care Network (SCN) offices? (SCC, CSW, Student Health)


The UCC’s partners in the Student Care Network – Student Care Coordination (SCC) and the Center for Student Wellbeing (CSW) – may have access to your history of attending appointments at the UCC in order to facilitate or coordinate your care. There may be circumstances in which additional minimally necessary information is shared with the primary offices of the Student Care Network (SCC, CSW, and the Student Health Center) for the purposes of care coordination.

We only share information needed for coordination of care, which may often include demographic information and attendance at appointments. Without your written consent, we do not share any other clinical information with any SCN offices.

How is confidentially treated at the UCC? Will my parents know I am in treatment?

As mental health providers, all UCC clinicians observe their professional Code of Ethics, and confidentially is only breached under a few circumstances in which risk is involved (i.e., life and death situations that require prompt action). Without written consent by the student, UCC providers do not share any information with parents and other entities outside the SCN, including VU faculty and staff.


This page was last updated July 2023