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STEM Tutor Jobs

Tutoring Services is now CLOSED for student applications

STEM Tutor Applications

Tutoring Services is now CLOSED for student applications

Tutoring is a great way to hone your own knowledge of a subject and to build valuable interpersonal communication skills. We’re glad that you’re considering joining our team of dedicated tutors!

Tutoring Services offers appointment-based assistance to all currently enrolled Vanderbilt students who wish to enhance their academic performance in classes offered by the College of Arts and Science in the following departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, and Neuroscience. We also offer a number of academic support services in partnership with the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center and the Office of LGBTQI Life.

A diverse tutoring staff helps us support the academic success of Vanderbilt’s diverse student body. We welcome applications from students of diverse backgrounds and particularly encourage individuals from underrepresented minority backgrounds to apply. The position does qualify as a Federal Work Study position, and students who anticipate receiving Federal Work Study in the coming academic year are encouraged to apply.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, we are seeking excellent students to work with their peers in the following classes:

  • Chemistry 1601/1602 (General Chemistry I and II)
  • Chemistry 2211/2212 and Chemistry 2221/2222 (Organic Chemistry for AP students I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II)
  • Mathematics 1100, 1200/1201, and 1300/1301 (Survey of Calculus, Single-Variable Calculus I and II, Accelerated Single-Variable Calculus I and II)
  • Biological Sciences 1510/1511 (Introduction to Biological Sciences I and II)
  • Physics 1501/1502 and 1601/1602 (Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I and II, General Physics I and II)
  • Economics 1010/1020 (Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics)
  • Neuroscience 2201 (Introduction to Neuroscience)

The Position & Job Responsibilities

Our tutors offer one-on-one learning support to their fellow students in subjects in which the tutors have already excelled themselves. Our tutors also help to facilitate our popular Weekly Learning Roundtables and MCAT HYC groups.

Pay: Undergraduate tutors begin at $10/hour, while graduate tutors will earn $15/hour.

Training: Tutoring Services tutors benefit from paid training and professional development activities while taking part in a collaborative community of dedicated peer and near-peer educators. Two days of mandatory training for the 2023-2024 academic year will take place in August just before classes resume. Tutors are also required to attend staff meetings (held twice monthly).

Time commitment:  Tutors commit to 5-8 hours/week, in addition to which they make time to attend our paid staff meetings throughout the semester. We accept tutors who can commit to working for a whole academic year (although the number of hours worked per week can be adjusted between fall and spring semesters).

Location: We require that all one-on-one tutoring sessions and group sessions take place in our tutoring space in the Curb Center Building (1801 Edgehill Avenue), Suite 112, or in one of our satellite locations. During the past semesters under covid-19 protocols, tutors have also worked online under the Vanderbilt Zoom platform.

How do I become a tutor?

Current deadline: Sunday, April 2, 2023, midnight (APPLICATION WINDOW NOW CLOSED)

Tutoring Services is now CLOSED for student applications

Application Process:

  1. Fill out the online Tutor Application Form using this redcap link. The form includes two short answer essay questions and will allow you the option to save and return to an incomplete application (to use this option, select “Save and Return Later” at the bottom of the page and record the return Survey Code generated.)
  2. Request a copy of your transcript be sent to Tutoring Services. (See instructions on application form.)
  3. Completed applications are reviewed by the Tutoring Services team. Completed applications are those in which the student has fully completed and submitted the redcap written application and has sent, and received confirmation of receipt, transcripts.
  4. After a first round of review, applicants may be invited to schedule with us a 30-minute in-person interview. (Held via Zoom during the covid-19 protocols semesters)

Tutor Testimonials

“Working with tutoring services was one of my favorite things I did at Vanderbilt. The
administrators immediately make you feel as if you are at home, creating an environment I was
excited to go to each and everyday. Working as a tutor has allowed me to grow so much as a
person in this last year. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to maintain their
knowledge in key subjects while developing their communication skills.” —
Colin Slaymaker


I have gained a deeper understanding of subjects that I have taken by finding different
ways to teach students, which was especially beneficial when I was studying for the MCAT.
Many careers greatly value teaching and through all of the growth that I have experienced in
working as a tutor, I feel better equipped to become a physician.” –Chisom Maduka


One thing that I didn’t expect was that I gained confidence. Being able to fully explain
concepts that I initially struggled with when I was in the class has helped me to see my own
progress.” –Ariel Thorson


Questions? Please contact Dr. Miriam Erickson, Assistant Director: