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Appointment Policies

Tutoring Services programming is open to all currently enrolled Vanderbilt students and are free of charge. This page details important policies regarding students’ ability to access that programming and their responsibilities when doing so.

Visit our Guide to Tutoring Services’ Online Scheduler (WCOnline) for a detailed overview of how to schedule, modify, or cancel a Tutoring Services appointment.

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When Can Appointments Be Scheduled?

We recommend students plan ahead in scheduling appointments. We see surges in demand for tutoring appointments as exams approach.

How far in advance and how late can appointments be scheduled?

Individual and Group Appointments can both be reserved up to 14 days in advance of the current date using Tutoring Services’ online scheduler (WCOnline) and as late as the minute before an available appointment is set to begin.*

Appointment scheduling is subject to our Daily and Weekly Appointment Limits.

*Clients should note that the Appointment Cancellation window differs between Individual and Group Appointments (see below).

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Are walk-in appointments available?

Although Tutoring Services does not schedule designated “walk-in” hours, students should be aware of the following options (while keeping in mind our Daily and Weekly Appointment Limits):

  1. Prior to an appointment’s start time, unclaimed appointments can be claimed through our online scheduler (WCOnline) as late as the minute before they begin.
  2. WCOnline’s Waiting List Feature offers a convenient way to be notified when appointments become available due to cancellations.
  3. Virtual walk-in option for Unclaimed Appointments: After an unclaimed online appointment’s start time, students may call our front desk (during phone hours) or email us at to request the appointment, if it is still available.
  4. Virtual Walk-in Option for No-Show Appointments: Even when no appointments are available, students may also call our front desk (during phone hours) or email us at to request to be a walk-in for any No-Show appointments. (See Missed Appointment (“No Show”) Policy below.)

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Appointment Limits (Daily and Weekly)

Fall semester appointment limits

Due to high demand, during fall clients may reserve

  • one appointment per day per schedule (individual tutoring and group)
  • two appointments per week* per schedule (individual tutoring and group)
  • up to 14 days in advance of the current date

*For the purpose of the weekly appointment limit, our online scheduling system (WCOnline) treats the week as running Monday through Sunday.

Spring Semester appointment limits

During spring clients may reserve

  • one appointment per day per schedule (individual tutoring and group)
  • three appointments per week per schedule (individual tutoring and group)
  • up to 14 days in advance of the current date

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Your Appointments, Your Responsibilities

Responsibility to Arrive Promptly – Late Arrival Policy

Please arrive for or log into your tutoring session promptly. For in-person tutoring (when available), please let the person at the front desk know you are here upon your arrival.

Our policy is to open appointments to walk-ins if the client has not arrived by 10 minutes after the appointment’s start time. We cannot guarantee reservations for students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of a session.

Those whose appointments are taken by a walk-in client will be subject to our Missed Appointment Policy.

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Responsibility to Cancel Appointments If Necessary

It is your responsibility to cancel any appointments which you will be unable to attend, and we ask you to do so as far in advance as possible to allow another student to make use of our limited tutoring resources.

Failure to cancel a one-on-one or group appointment in a timely fashion according to the policies below will result in the appointment being marked as a missed or “no show” appointment and subject to our Missed Appointment Policy.

1-on-1 Appointment Cancellation Policy

Our online scheduler makes cancelling (or modifying) appointments simple, which our online scheduler currently allows until shortly before an appointment’s start time.

As a courtesy to your fellow students and to your tutors, however, we ask that you cancel appointments at least 8 hours whenever possible. Doing so will allow the greatest chance for another student may make use of that time.

Clients who demonstrate a pattern of same-day cancellations of appointments without sufficient time for other students to claim the cancelled appointment may be asked to change that behavior or risk loss of ability to schedule future appointments.

Group Appointment Cancellation Policy

When it is necessary to cancel an appointment for a group session, either a Weekly Learning Roundtable or Pre-Exam Group Study Group, your group appointment must be cancelled at least 4 hours before groups are set to meet.

These sessions can be in high demand, and “no shows” undermine the efficacy of the groups and prevent other eager students from taking part. On the other hand, cancelling in a timely fashion allows other students the opportunity to access the session.

Cancelling (or modifying) an appointment within our online scheduler takes only a few simple clicks. You may need to switch from our one-on-one to our group schedule.

Failure to cancel group appointments at least 4 hours before the group session will be subject to our Missed Appointment Policy.

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Missed Appointment (“No Show”) Policy

Failure to cancel an appointment a client has reserved but does not attend will result in a “no show” or “missed appointment.”

After three missed appointments, a client’s account will be disabled and future appointments will be allowed on a walk-in basis only for the duration of the semester.

Clients who lose appointment schedule privileges multiple semesters in a row may face further restrictions.

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Appointments Are Nontransferable – Clients May Only Schedule Appointments for Themselves

It is our policy that each student client may only make appointments for themselves, and appointments can not be given up or transferred to anyone else.

Students who use another student’s account for the purpose of scheduling an appointment, who use their account to schedule appointments someone else intends to attend, as well as those who attend a tutoring appointment in another’s place will be given a warning and placed on probation for a first violation. A second violation will result in suspension of scheduling privileges for the remainder of the semester.

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