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Chemistry Support at Tutoring Services

Greetings, Undergraduate Chemists! You can achieve your academic goals, and our Chemistry tutors are here to support you along the way, whether in an individual appointment or a Chemistry-focused group meeting.

Our tutors are all current undergraduates or graduate students who, having achieved a certain level of academic success themselves, are dedicated to helping their fellow students strive for the same.

Keep reading to learn more about the individual and group appointments you can reserve online through our online scheduler. Services are free of charge and open to all currently enrolled Vanderbilt students.

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Our Chemistry Support

Schedule an individual (one-on-one) appointment to get your particular Chemistry questions answered or to check your understanding of course material by talking through it with your tutor in the following courses:

  • CHEM 1601 & 1602 General Chemistry I & II
  • CHEM 2211 & 2212 Organic Chemistry for Advanced Placement Students I & II
  • CHEM 2221 & 2222 Organic Chemistry I & II

About Individual Appointments

At Tutoring Services, individual appointments are 50 minutes long. As per our Appointment Policies, appointments can be scheduled via our online scheduler up to 7 days in advance with a limit of one individual appointment per day and two individual appointments per week in fall (three per week in spring), with the option of holding a similar number of group appointments (see Group section below).

  • When making an appointments, remember to filter our schedule by course to quickly find our Chemistry tutors for the relevant course.
  • Appointments fill up quickly, so plan ahead when you can (remember you can schedule 14 days in advance).
  • Don’t see any openings? We suggest you check back regularly and add yourself to our online scheduler’s waiting list feature, as well, to get notified about cancellations.

Tutoring Services also provides group study sessions that focus on the chemistry courses for which we see the highest demand. Keep an eye on the calendar below for upcoming group opportunities. (We try to add more in the lead-up to exams.)

  • One-hour Weekly Learning Roundtables in General Chemistry (CHEM 1601 and 1602) and Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2221 & 2222) offer students the opportunity work with each other and a tutor to improve their own understanding of course material. Attending a group regularly helps many students space out their review of material week to week, which can deepen learning and retention.

To register for a Group Session, select “Schedule a Group Appointment” on our homepage or in the sidebar of any other page on our site.

To register for a Group Session, select “Schedule a Group Appointment” on our homepage or in the sidebar of any other page on our site.

Additional Campus Support Resources for Chemistry

Office Hours exist so you can make a connection with your instructors and get their direct support. Because there’s no substitute for developing a strong working relationship with your instructors, we encourage all students to seek out their professors and teaching assistants during their office hours.

The Department of Chemistry list of chemistry TA office hours for Fall 2021 [forthcoming].

  • Academic and study skills coaching is an amazing resource available through the Center for Student Wellbeing. Topics the coaches can address with you include time management, organization, test prep, and handling academic-related anxiety and stress.