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Weekly Learning Roundtables

Weekly Learning Roundtables (previously called Weekly Study Groups) begin Sunday, September 1, 2019. Sign-up is now open! Simply click on the "Schedule an Appointment" button at the top of the right sidebar. Once you've logged into our scheduler, select the "Tutoring Group Schedule (Fall 2019)" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. From there, you can register for a Weekly Learning Roundtable  just as you would for a 1-on-1 session.


Weekly Learning Roundtables  provide students with the opportunity to study regularly with dedicated peers enrolled in the same course as they work together to master course content.

During Weekly Learning Roundtable meetings, students work together with each other to answer questions and clarify course concepts. A facilitating subject tutor is present at all Weekly Learning Roundtable meetings to help assist working groups as needed. Through studying collaboratively, students improve their own understanding of course material while helping their peers do the same in a supportive environment.

Sign-up for Weekly Learning Roundtables opens 15 days in advance of the present date. Each weekly group is limited to 10 students, and sign-up is on a first-come basis. To reserve your spot, simply register for each Weekly Learning Roundtable meeting as you would for an individual appointment. When you arrive for your group meeting, be sure to check in at the front desk and receive an intake form to fill out.

Should you need to cancel your Weekly Learning Roundtable reservation, you must do so 4 or more hours in advance of the beginning of the group meeting. Failure to do so will count as a no-show; 3 no-shows (unique to each the 1-on-1 and Group schedules) will result in a disabled account for the remainder of the semester. Students whose accounts have been disabled may only use Tutoring Services on a walk-in basis.

Don't see any Weekly Learning Roundtable openings? Check out our Waitlist feature! To join the waitlist, just click on the "Waiting List" link in the bottom right corner of the day you need an appointment and sign up. You'll be notified if a cancellation matches your specified parameters. (You must then still log in and reserve the appointment yourself on a first-come basis.)


You will find information about our Spring 2019 Weekly Study Groups below. All Weekly Study Groups meet at the Collaborative Learning Suite (1801 Edgehill Avenue). 


Fall 2019 Weekly Learning Roundtables 

BSCI 1510

Sundays at 8p

Facilitating Tutor: Channing Chi


BSCI 1510

Thursdays at 5p

Facilitating Tutor: Ian Hurford


CHEM 1601

Sundays at 6p

Facilitating Tutor: Katie Carlsen


CHEM 1601

Mondays at 8p

Facilitating Tutor: John Terrell


MATH 1200/1300

Sundays at 7p

Facilitating Tutor: Cammie Norton


Spring 2019 Weekly Study Groups

BSCI 1511

Mondays at 6p

Facilitating Tutor: Mike Wang


CHEM 1602

Mondays at 4p

Facilitating Tutor: Olivia Becker


CHEM 1602

Mondays at 7p

Facilitating Tutor: John Terrell


ECON 1020

Tuesdays at 4p

Facilitating Tutor: Audrey Glover


MATH 1201/1301

Tuesdays at 7p

Facilitating Tutor: Kathryn Segner