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Tutor Testimonials

Alan Tang, Biological Sciences and Economics

I think learning to come up with several potential solutions to a problem that a client faces has made me learn to think outside the box, which is something that does not always come easy for me. Sometimes, it is far easier for me to just try and explain repeatedly my way of understanding something, but working with people with different learning styles has forced me to grow as a learner and a teacher, which I have appreciated. Often times, the client will lead you in a direction that best suits their learning style, and you simply have to listen and follow this direction.

Alex Pulliam, Chemistry

My favorite part about working at Tutoring Services is getting to help my peers understand and become confident in chemistry.  I have truly enjoyed sharing my passion for the subject with my clients, and it’s been a bonus to work with people who share my love for helping others learn!

Hanna Roenfanz, Chemistry

Tutoring Services has put me in contact with so many people who have helped me while I’ve been preparing graduate school and fellowship applications. I’ve learned so much just from being in the vicinity of other people who work here. Every time I’m at work, I feel like we’re all learning and growing together. One of my favorite coworkers is a graduate student. I love getting to talk to her about religion and philosophy, topics that never come up in my daily life. I love meeting with clients and working through material with them, but there are so many great aspects to this job that I never anticipated when I applied. I’ve worked several places on and around campus over the last four years, but Tutoring Services has by far been my favorite.

Katie Williamson, Economics and Mathematics

True to its name, the Collaborative Learning Suite truly strives to foster peer-to-peer conversation, providing learning opportunities not only for the students who make appointments, but also for the tutors. I was able to work alongside the students I tutored, refreshing my own problem-solving and communication skills while also giving back to the community and helping younger students grow in their studies. Everyone in the office is also extremely friendly, and they really work to make the experience as beneficial as possible to all involved. I would highly recommend Tutoring Services to any undergraduate looking to deepen their understanding of their subject area, contribute to the spirit of learning at Vanderbilt, and make some extra money in the process!

Saquib Rahman, Chemistry and Physics

I wanted to go to graduate school in chemistry, so I was eager to get some teaching experience before I became a graduate teaching assistant. Working at Tutoring Services helped me acquire that experience as I worked with a lot of college students like myself on their academic concerns. Tutoring Services works on a principle of collaborative learning that helped me engage deeply with the material I was discussing with my clients.

Sharon Si, Economics and Mathematics

Working as a tutor with Tutoring Services has been a tremendous experience. Each week brings a new set of clients with a new set of concepts to master. Having the chance to work with different students is always a pleasure. Our job as tutors is to help clients work through difficult concepts collaboratively, and it’s always a wonderful feeling to watch as a client suddenly understands the material. Also, I’ve gotten the chance to strengthen my own understanding of subjects that I tutor. Working with Tutoring Services is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who enjoys working collaboratively, helping fellow students, or simply experiencing the sheer joy of learning.

Client Testimonials

  • I was a bit shy since this was my first time at Tutoring Services, but [my tutor] made me feel so welcome and explained very well what I had trouble understanding. 
  • Very positive and supportive! [My tutor] helped me to actually understand why I was doing what I was doing.
  • [My tutor] is humorous and kind. I am confident and encouraged to talk about my concerns, and [I] learn a lot.
  • I like how [my tutor] asked me engaging questions and used the whiteboard to solve difficult equations.
  • [My tutor] is always so helpful and really lets me take my time and understand. Always a pleasure. 
  • The session was really helpful–I was guided through the problems when I needed help but not directly given the answer, so I had a chance to learn it myself.
  • [My tutor] did a great job of explaining the concepts in a way I could understand.
  • We used a model kit and the whiteboard to represent concepts, which was helpful! 
  • [My tutor] really helped me and seemed to care. : ) [My tutor] made sure I could explain the the different concepts [they] helped me with.
  • It was very helpful and not intimidating at all; it makes me want to come back if I am confused.