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Meet the Tutors

Vanderbilt Tutoring Services Tutors 2022-2023

Meet the Tutors

Aashi Gurijala

Aashi Gurijala is a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar of the class of 2026. She is currently studying neuroscience and medicine, health, and society on the pre-med track. She lived in Phoenix, Arizona before coming to Vanderbilt as an undergraduate. She has experience tutoring in high school and mentoring in her extracurricular activities, and she is very excited to continue that as a tutor at Vanderbilt’s tutoring center!

Aki Li

Aki is a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio majoring in biology with minors in math and sociology. He tutors in chemistry, biology, and math courses. On campus, he participates in medical research, serves as PR chair for VPS, and is involved in other clubs such as water polo and VSUPS. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and going out with friends.

Alejandra Taulet

Alejandra is a junior from Madrid, Spain. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management. She tutors in math, physics, chemistry and econ courses. Outside of tutoring, Alejandra is involved with VSVS, Engineering World Health, The Women’s Network and the Society of Hispanic Engineers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, concerts, playing board games and exploring Nashville. Language fluencies: Portuguese, Spanish

Alexa Betjemann

Alexa is a junior majoring in Biology and Medicine Health and Society, with a minor in Anthropology. She tutors in biological sciences and general and organic chemistry. On campus, Alexa is involved in Friends of MSF, Running Club, and works in the Hasty research lab. In her free time, Alexa enjoys volunteering, being outdoors, and exploring Nashville with friends!

Benjamin Share

Benjamin is a junior from Potomac, Maryland. He is double majoring in secondary education and chemistry. He tutors General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics. In his free time, he plays the violin in the Vanderbilt Chamber Orchestra and watches Law and Order. He is pursuing a career as a high school chemistry teacher.

Bryan Han

Bryan is a junior majoring in Biological Sciences. He is involved with several volunteer organizations and student led organizations, as well as a research lab on campus. He is currently tutoring in chemistry, biology, and organic chemistry. Having grown up in Gainesville, Florida, Bryan is an avid swimmer with interests in many other sports that Vanderbilt offers its students to participate in. In his free time, he enjoys learning how to cook, picking up another language, and mastering his favorite e-sport.

Caroline Sicard

Caroline is a sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina majoring in math on the pre-med track. She tutors in math and chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, running, and watching TV.

Cassandra Atzrodt

Cassandra is a senior from Bradenton, Florida, studying biochemistry and French. She tutors in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. On campus, she researches metabolic disease at the VUMC and is a fellow in the SyBBURE Searle Undergraduate Research Program. She also volunteers with Alternative Spring Break and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In her free time, Cassandra enjoys cooking with her roommates, listening to podcasts, and doing all sorts of art – painting, drawing, weaving, and more!

Daniel Lee

Daniel is a first year Math Ph.D. student from St. Paul, Minnesota.



Denali Relles

Denali is a first-year grad student from Albany, New York. He is comfortable tutoring most math courses, including calculus and linear algebra. In his free time, Denali manages to fit in a little swing dancing and some bike rides.

Ekaterina Rybak

Ekaterina Rybak a first-year doctoral student in the Department of Mathematics from Moscow, Russia. Ekaterina tutors in mathematics. In her free time, she enjoys hiking. Language fluencies: Russian


Elijah Williams

Elijah is a sophomore mathematics student from NJ. He tutors in calculus. Outside of tutoring, he enjoys playing soccer and reading mystery novels.



Fabian Salinas

Fabian (he/him) is a first-year graduate student pursuing a PhD in mathematics. Coming from a low income, Hispanic background, he hopes to use his education to support underprivileged people groups in STEM. His free time consists of playing guitar and watching anime.

Isabel Schnelle

Isabel Schnelle is a senior from Kansas City, MO. She is majoring in Medicine, Health, & Society with a minor in Biological Sciences. She tutors in biological sciences, general and organic chemistry, and calculus. In her free time, Isabel enjoys hanging out with her friends watching Vandy sports and exploring Nashville.

Joe Reiser

Joe is a sophomore from Westerly, Rhode Island. Joe majors in computer science and applied mathematics while also pursuing a business minor, and he plans to graduate this upcoming December in 2022.  He is primarily a tutor in math and physics, but he also tutors introductory economics courses. In his free time, Joe likes to watch YouTube videos, play the piano, hang out with friends, and explore Nashville.

Kathleen Katchis

Kathleen Katchis is a sophomore from Great Neck, NY. She plans to major in Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Management. She tutors in Math, Economics and Chemistry. In her free time she loves exploring new restaurants and athletics.


Kenny Ta

Kenny is a senior from Apple Valley, MN, and has been tutoring for the past six years. Double majoring in Biochemistry and MHS (Medicine, Health, and Society), he has taken many classes in the math/science department. Thus, Kenny tutors in physics, chemistry, biological sciences, and math. In his free time, Kenny is an avid sports enthusiast playing basketball, badminton, and ice hockey. Outside of sports, he enjoys cooking, photography, and exploring the food/nature scene Nashville provides.


Maggie Zhou

Maggie is junior from Beijing, China. She majors in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Medicine, Health, & Society with a minor in Chemistry. She tutors in bio and chem courses. In her free time, Maggie enjoys making music, writing food blogs, and playing tennis!

Marina He

Marina is a Junior from Beijing, China majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Chemistry and minoring in Spanish. She tutors in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics On campus, Marina is involved with VPS, the MLC, and Strike. In her free time, Marina likes to hang out with her friends and explore restaurants.

Mike Jiang

Mike is a junior double majoring in Chemistry and Medicine, Health, and Society with a minor in German Studies. Mike tutors in biological sciences, general chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics, and occasionally physics. On campus, Mike is involved in Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science, ‘Dore for a Day, and undergraduate research in the Plate Lab. In his free time, he likes to spend time with friends and family, explore food from around the world, and travel!

Nathan Fiedeldey

Nathan Fiedeldey is a sophomore (Class of 2025) majoring in Biochemistry. He is knowledgeable in chemistry, introductory biology, and mathematics.



Nikhil Kamdar

Nikhil is a senior from Branchburg, New Jersey. He plans to major in mathematics and chemistry and tutors in chemistry, math, biology, and intro macroeconomics. Outside of tutoring, Nikhil is also involved with Club tennis, the Vanderbilt Impact Investment Group, and undergraduate research. In his free time, he enjoys tossing a frisbee, reading books, and playing chess.

Olivia Boykin

Olivia Boykin is a junior from Bowie, MD. She is majoring in Medicine, Health, & Society and Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Olivia tutors in Calculus and looks forward to working with clients this school year. On campus, Olivia is a Tour Guide, research assistant at VUMC, and the Financial Secretary of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In her free time, Olivia enjoys volunteering at Nashville Humane Society, listening to true crime podcasts, and trying new pizza restaurants in search of the best one.

Paige Thorpe

Paige is a fourth year doctoral student in the Department of Chemistry. She studies organic chemistry, and she is currently working in the Johnston research lab. Paige’s research is focused on developing therapeutics for varying heart diseases. She tutors in both general chemistry and organic chemistry, and she has been a TA for organic chemistry I and II as well! She enjoys working out in her free time and visiting her family. Her biggest study tip is to study a little bit each day, rather than cramming the day before the exam.

Rishik Bethi

Rishik is a sophomore from Dallas and New Orleans, majoring in Neuroscience and MHS. He tutors in chemistry, biology, math, and neuroscience courses. On campus, Rishik also works as a research assistant, is part of the Vanderbilt Climbing Team, and is an active volunteer for VSVS. He also enjoys listening to music, going on bike rides, playing volleyball, and eating all types of food!

Sarah Reilly

Sarah is a senior from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in scientific computing. She tutors in math, chemistry, biological sciences, and physics. On campus, she is involved with Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science and drug delivery research in the Duvall lab. In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing on the club tennis team, watching Netflix with friends, and exploring Nashville.


Shani Israel

Shani is a junior from Texas planning on a double major in Child Development and Medicine, Health, and Society. She tutors in biological sciences, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. At Vanderbilt, Shani is involved in research on the ductus arteriosus (essential fetal blood vessel), Next Steps, and work in the NICU. In her free time, she enjoys watching and playing basketball, road tripping, and watching thrillers.

Sophia Chung

Sophia is a junior (Class of 2024) from Jackson, Mississippi majoring in cognitive studies and neuroscience. She tutors in general chemistry, mathematics, physics, and neuroscience. She works as a research assistant in the Constantinidis Lab and investigates the neural basis of cognitive functions. On campus, she is involved as the PR chair for MoveMENTAL and the lesson planner for InterAxon. In her free time, Sophia enjoys hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and going to concerts.

Stephanie Mahler

Stephanie is a senior from Manhasset, NY which is on Long Island. She is majoring in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science, Business, and Italian. She is a returning tutor in mathematics and economics. In her free time, Stephanie loves to go on walks, try new restaurants, and hangout with her friends.

Tierah Macon

Tierah is a junior from Columbus, Mississippi (birthplace of playwright and screenwriter Tennessee Williams). She plans to major in chemistry and graduate in the spring of 2024. She tutors in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and single- and multi-variable calculus. In her free time, Tierah enjoys reading, crocheting, and hanging with friends.

Timothy Egbonim

Timothy is a junior from Austin, TX majoring in Cognitive Studies and Neuroscience. He tutors General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Neuroscience. On campus, Timothy is involved in Hearts for the Homeless, Harmonies for the Elderly, and Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra. In his free time, Timothy enjoys watching anime, playing violin, and participating in diabetes research in the Powers-Brissova lab.

Tristan Sealy

Tristan Sealy is a Junior from Texas. He is a biochemistry major. He tutors in general chemistry, biology, organic chemistry, and mathematics. In his free time, Tristan enjoys swimming and watching terrible movies.


Will Murray

Will is a junior from San Diego majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology, with a minor in Spanish. He tutors in chemistry, biology, math and neuroscience. In his free time, Will enjoys playing basketball, going to concerts and exploring Nashville.

Yang Cao




Ysabel Gomez

Ysabel is a Sophomore from Columbus, Ohio. She is majoring in biomedical engineering on the pre-med track. She plans on graduating in 2025. She is also involved in the Association of Latin American Students. In her free time, she enjoys reading and hanging out with friends.