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Individual Tutoring

At Vanderbilt Tutoring Services, you have the opportunity to meet individually with a talented staff of STEM tutors who can help you enhance your academic performance through the power of active and collaborative learning.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, all tutoring sessions will be held both in-person and online via Zoom. Please look over our appointment policies for further clarification.

Individual (One-on-one or 1-1) appointments are 50 minutes long and open free of charge to all currently enrolled Vanderbilt students.

You may access the 1-1 Schedule from our homepage or go here for a Guide on How to Make a Tutoring Appointment.

As per our Appointment Policies, appointments can be scheduled via our online scheduler (WCOnline) up to 7 days in advance with a limit of one individual appointment per day and two individual appointments per week in fall (three per week in spring), with the option of holding a similar number of group appointments.


Our STEM Tutors and the Subjects They Support

Our STEM tutors are current undergraduates or graduate students who, having achieved a certain level of academic success themselves, are dedicated to helping their fellow students strive for the same.

Each of our tutors is qualified to tutor one or more courses at either the introductory or intermediate level in the following subjects (follow the links below for a quick guide to the support available in each):

Use the Filter to Find a Tutor for Your Course Fast

To help you find a tutor for your particular class fast, Tutoring Services’ online appointment schedule can easily be filtered by Course Number so that students can find the tutor they need fast. Look for the “Filter our tutors by course” drop-down menu at the top of our schedule to quickly limit the tutors displayed to those qualified to tutor a specific course.

Pair Appointments Available by Request – Come to Tutoring with a Study Partner!

Students have the option of sharing a tutoring appointment with a friend for a pair appointment (2 clients and 1 tutor). Both students must be enrolled in the same course and have similar goals for the session.

Visit our Pair Appointments Guidelines to learn more about how and why to request a 2-on-1 tutoring appointment.