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Tutor Match

Tutor Match is available for Spring and Summer semesters.


As a student, requesting a Tutor Match gives you (or you and a fellow student in the same course) the opportunity to set regularly occurring, weekly sessions with a peer tutor for the full semester.

Tutor Matches provide 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 support. Students are matched with a tutor based on the courses students are enrolled in pending tutor availability. Students and tutors are expected to meet regularly over the course of the spring semester.

Tutor Match was piloted in Summer 2020 and continues every spring. It has proven to be an in-demand option for Tutoring Services for our spring semesters. If you would like to make a Tutor Match, we encourage you to sign up early as spaces are limited.

How do I request a TUTOR MATCH?  

When you confirm your first individual tutoring session, we will try to maintain that Tutor Match request with the original tutor.  

If you learn about the Tutor Match program while in a tutoring session with your tutor (i.e., they tell you about the program), please use the confirmation of that session within your request form, but you must make the request within the same day that your session occurred. We will do our best to set up a Tutor Match with that tutor, pending availability.  

If you are interested in a Paired Tutor Match (you and a friend meet with the same tutor), please follow the above three steps AND indicate your interest in the Paired Tutor Match within the request form. If you need assistance, send an email to Dr. Erickson with help adding your friend. Be sure to read through our Pair Appointment instructions here.

Please be aware that we will attempt to fill all requests while availability allows.

deadlines and limited availability 

Any student enrolled in spring semesters at Vanderbilt are allowed and encouraged to make a Tutor Match request by following the steps above.

Matches for students will be made beginning the second week of the spring semester and will continue until spaces are filled.

Spaces are limited. Each tutor’s total number of Tutor Matches may not exceed half of their weekly tutoring hours. Once a tutor has reached the maximum Tutor Match commitments, that tutor will no longer be set up with any further matches, and their remaining available hours will be accessible on our WCOnline schedule via the regular first-come, first-served process.

Tutor Match Policies

Please note that you are expected to attend each session, as the goal of the Tutor Match program is to set up a strong, scheduled tutoring relationship for the benefit of both student and tutor. If you are unable to attend one session, please cancel your session on WCOnline prior to its meeting time.

If you cancel two appointments in a row, prior to the start of the tutoring session, we will reach out to you about the best fit of your Tutor Match. You are always welcome to discontinue the Tutor Match program at any time and resume the regular individual appointments or group Roundtable appointments, at no penalty.

Tutor Match aligns with all Tutoring policies regarding missed appointments, i.e., more than three missed appointments (“no-shows”) will result in a disabled account. Please see here for the full explanation.

Questions about Tutor Match?

Please contact Dr. Miriam Erickson at with any questions about requesting a session for Tutor Match.