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Overview of One-on-one Tutoring

At Vanderbilt Tutoring Services, you have the opportunity to meet individually with a talented staff of tutors who will help you enhance your academic performance through the power of active and collaborative learning.

All currently enrolled Vanderbilt students can sign up for 50-minute appointments with us. Our tutoring staff is qualified to tutor many introductory and intermediate level courses in the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Chemistry (General & Organic), Economics, Mathematics, and Physics. Services are free of charge.

To get started, simply look for the "Schedule an Appointment" link at the top of the right sidebar.

Quick In-Page Navigation

Navigating between our separate 1-on-1 and Group Study Schedules

Tutoring Services has separate WCOnline schedules for 1-on-1 and Group Study appointments.To access either schedule, simply follow the "Schedule an Appointment" link at the top of the right sidebar. You will be taken to Tutoring's WCOnline login page, on which you will be asked to make an initial choice between our current one-on-one and group schedules.

Switching from one schedule to the other from within the WCOnline scheduler is easy, as well. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the schedule to which you would like to navigate: "Tutoring 1-on-1 Schedule (Fall 2020)" or Tutoring Group Schedule (Fall 2020)."

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1-on-1 Appointment Policies and Guidance

Scheduling Appointments Online

One-on-one tutoring appointments can be scheduled using our online scheduler (WCOnline) up to 14 days in advance. These appointments support students enrolled in a variety of classes offered by the following departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, and Physics.

Our tutors are undergraduates or graduate students who, having achieved a certain level of academic success themselves, are dedicated to helping their fellow students strive for the same. As of the fall 2020 semester, all tutoring sessions will be held using via Zoom.

We look forward to whenever circumstances allow us to resume holding in-person tutoring on an appointment basis at 1801 Edgehill Avenue, Suite 112. 

Appointment Limits (Daily and Weekly)

During the fall semester, clients may book up to two appointments per week on the current one-on-one tutoring schedule (plus two on the group schedule), with a maximum of one appointment per day per schedule.

During the spring semester, clients may book up to three appointments per week per schedule, with a maximum of one appointment per day per schedule.

We recommend you plan ahead in scheduling appointments. We see surges in requests for our limited number of (busy) tutors as test times approach.

Use the Filter to Find a Tutor Fast

Tutoring Services' online appointment schedule can easily be filtered by Course Number so that students can find the tutor they need fast. Look for the "Filter our tutors by course" drop-down menu at the top of our schedule to quickly limit the tutors displayed to those qualified to tutor a specific course. 

Appointment Cancellation and Late Arrival Policies

  • To schedule, modify, or cancel an appointments at any time, sign into our online scheduler (WCOnline) by following the "Schedule an Appointment" link on the Tutoring Services website (at the top of the right sidebar).
  • Cancellations: When you must cancel an individual appointment, please do so at least 8 hours in advance so another student may make use of that time. (To modify or cancel a group study reservation, make sure to select the "Tutoring Group Schedule.") Do note that the cancellations policy differs between individual and group study appointments. See our Group Study page for more information about group study cancellations. Clients who demonstrate a pattern of same-day cancellations of appointments without sufficient time for other students to claim the cancelled appointment may be asked to change that behavior or risk loss of ability to schedule future appointments.
  • Failure to cancel an appointment a client does not attend will result in a "no show" or "missed appointment." After three missed appointments, a client's account will be disabled and future appointments will be allowed on a walk-in basis only for the duration of the semester. Clients who lose appointment schedule privileges multiple semesters in a row may face further restrictions.
  • Please arrive promptly and, upon arrival, let the person at the front desk know you are here. Our policy is to open appointments to walk-ins if the client has not arrived by 10 minutes after the appointment's start time.

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 The Waiting List Feature

Don't see an appointment when you need it? We encourage you to use the the Waiting List feature in our online scheduler (WCOnline) to be alerted to openings on our schedule on a specific day or time.  

To join the waitlist, just click on the "Waiting List" link in the bottom right corner of the day you need an appointment and sign up. Note that you can specific specific start or end times or receive alerts for specific tutors or groups.

Understanding Waiting List Alerts

The Waiting List sends everyone on the list an alert--either an email or text depending on one's profile settings--when there is a new opening on the specific day for which they signed up.

Please note that the Wait List only sends alerts--it does not reserve appointments for anyone. To take advantage of the new opening, you must then still log in and reserve the appointment yourself on a first-come basis.

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Pair Appointments Option: Guidelines and Policies

Students also have the option of sharing a tutoring appointment with a friend for what we call a pair appointment (2 total clients maximum). As outlined in the guidelines below, both students must be enrolled in the same course and have similar goals for the session and requests for pair appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance via our online request form.

Students will see the link to the Pair Appointment Request form within the WCOnline Appointment Window (pictured below) when reserving an appointment or later accessing a previously reserved appointment.

This screenshot shows the location of the Pair Appt Request link with the WCOnline Appointment Window

Why request a pair appointment?

As a student, requesting a pair appointment gives you the opportunity to learn alongside another student in the same course as you both work jointly with a tutor. Following the session, you and your fellow student will have a study partner with whom you can continue to work and study after the tutoring session is done. (We even recommend you consider talking with your tutor about the learning strategies that you and your friend might implement following the tutoring session!)

For Tutoring Services, your pair appointment request helps us reach more students, especially at times of peak demand, while also helping us promote the types of smart study partner relationships mentioned above.

Please note, as per the guidelines below, requests for pair appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment in question.

Confirmations and Reminders: The individual requesting the pair appointment and the fellow student being invited will receive a confirmation email at the time the request form is submitted and a reminder email the day of the appointment, each containing additional details about how the process will work.

Pair Appointment Guidelines and Policies:

  1. A tutoring appointment must be reserved prior to placing a pair appointment request. The request form cannot be used to schedule new appointments.
  2. Students should not place a request listing a fellow student as the invitee to a pair appointment without that student's prior consent. Doing so may result in the loss of future appointment scheduling privileges.
  3. Both the student who reserved the appointment and the "invitee" (fellow student being invited) to the pair appointment must be enrolled in the same course and be willing to focus on similar goals for the session.
  4. Both students must still abide by Tutoring Services' one-on-one appointment limits (one per day, two per week, with the option of scheduling a third pending appointment availability after the first two have been held). (See 1-on-1 Appointment Policies and Guidance elsewhere on this page.) Failure to abide by those limits may result in the loss of future appointment scheduling privileges.
  5. For all intents and purposes, the responsibility to attend the appointment as scheduled as well as the ability and responsibility to cancel the appointment, if necessary, remains with the individual who originally scheduled the appointment. The appointment cannot be transferred to the invitee as a 1-on-1 appointment. Likewise, in the case of a miss appointment, any penalties will apply to the individual who scheduled the appointment.
  6. Requests for pair appointments must be made using the online form at least 24 hours in advance (look for the link in the WCOnline appointment window as you schedule an appointment). We cannot guarantee our ability to honor pair appointment requests made less than 24 hours in advance.
  7. To cancel a pair appointment request or report an issue, please email the Tutor Support Specialist at

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Tutor Match

Why request a Tutor Match?  

As a student, requesting a Tutor Match gives you (or you and a fellow student in the same course) the opportunity to set regularly occurring, weekly sessions with a peer tutor for the full semester.   

Tutor Matches  provide 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 support. Students are matched with a tutor based on the courses students are enrolled in pending tutor availability. Students and tutors are expected to meet regularly over the course of the spring semester.  Matches will be made beginning on Friday, January 29, 2021, and weekly thereafter.  

While our high demand in the fall semesters do not allow us to offer this option broadly, we are excited to roll it out for our spring semesters.

Spacing out your study practice and committing to a weekly 50-minute scheduled time is a good learning strategy to help clarify course concepts and answer questions strategically. An additional benefit of a Tutor Match would allow you to develop a working relationship with a peer tutor who can help you achieve  your  academic goals over time that maintains and builds on your learning skills for the full semester. And since your match is regularly occurring in our  WCOnline  scheduler, you can rest easy that you always have an appointment confirmed, even during our busiest times of the semester!  

We even recommend you consider talking with your tutor about the learning strategies that you might implement following the tutoring session!  

Follow these steps to request a Tutor Match:  

  1. Reserve an individual appointment with a tutor for the relevant course using  WCOnline , our online scheduling platform.  

  1. Make note of your Tutor’s name, time, and date of your session included in the confirmation email.

If have you already confirmed your first individual tutoring session, we will try to maintain that Tutor Match request with the original tutor.  

If you were not able to confirm your first individual tutoring session, please use our  WCOnline  scheduling platform to list the name, time, and date of three tutors that fit your schedule. We will  do  our best to set up a Tutor Match, pending availability.  

If you are interested in a Paired Tutor Match, please first review the guidelines here in the Paired Appointment section. Then click here to fill out the Redcap Request form.

Please be aware that we will attempt to fill all requests while availability allows.

For all guidelines and policies at Tutoring Services,  please click here .  

 What Tutoring Services Does Not Provide

Tutoring Services does not provide general academic counseling, specialized tutoring for students with learning disabilities, specialized tutoring for ESL students, psychotherapy services, testing for learning disabilities, proofreading or copy-editing services, academic advising, or career counseling. Visit our Other Resources pages to learn more about additional support opportunities at Vanderbilt.

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Transportation options

When circumstances allow us to resume in-person tutoring sessions in the Curb Center Building (1801 Edgehill Ave., Suite112), students should be aware of the following opportunities for safe travel to and from that location in the evening.

  1. Vandy Vans:
  2. Escort by VUPD: As a supplement to the SafeTrips van service, walking escorts are available for students walking to and from any location on campus during nighttime hours. Walking escorts are provided by VUPD officers. The telephone number to call for a walking escort is 421-8888 (off campus) or 1-8888 (on campus)”

You can download the SafeVU app to make accessing these resources easier:

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