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Individual Tutoring

At Vanderbilt Tutoring Services, you have the opportunity to meet individually with a talented staff of tutors who will help you enhance your academic performance through the power of active and collaborative learning.

All currently enrolled Vanderbilt students can sign up for 50-minute appointments with us. Our tutoring staff is qualified to tutor many introductory and intermediate level courses in the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Chemistry (General & Organic), Economics, Mathematics, and Physics. Services are free of charge.

To get started, simply look for the "Schedule an Appointment" link at the top of the right sidebar.



Effective January 2019, Tutoring Services has separate WCOnline schedules for 1-on-1 and Group Study appointments.To access either schedule, simply log in at the top of the right sidebar. Once logged in, you will then need to choose the schedule you need ("Tutoring 1-on-1 Schedule (Fall 2019)" or Tutoring Group Schedule (Fall 2019)" from the drop-down menu at the top of the scheduler.

During the fall semester, clients may book up to two appointments per week per schedule, with a maximum of one appointment per day per schedule. During the spring semester, clients may book up to three appointments per week per schedule, with a maximum of one appointment per day per schedule.

Please plan ahead--we see surges in requests for our limited number of (busy) tutors as test times approach.


A Little More about Our Services

Individual Tutoring is available on a first-come basis to support students enrolled in a variety of classes offered by the following departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, and Physics.

Our tutors are undergraduates or graduate students who, having achieved a certain level of academic success themselves, are dedicated to helping their fellow students strive for the same. All individual tutoring takes place on an appointment basis at 1801 Edgehill Avenue, Suite 112 (The Collaborative Learning Suite). 


Pair Appointments

Students also have the option of coming in with a friend for a pair appointment (2 total clients maximum). Both students must be enrolled in the same course and have similar goals for the session. Requests for pair appointments must be made in writing at least 48 hours in advance and sent to the Tutor Support Specialist at We do not guarantee that we can accommodate all requests for pair appointments.


What Tutoring Does Not Provide

Tutoring Services does not provide general academic counseling, specialized tutoring for students with learning disabilities, specialized tutoring for ESL students, psychotherapy services, testing for learning disabilities, proofreading or copy-editing services, academic advising, or career counseling. Visit our Other Resources pages to learn more about additional support opportunities at Vanderbilt.


Important Individual Scheduling Policies - Updated January 2019

  • You may schedule, modify, or cancel your appointments at any time by logging into our online scheduling platform (the "Schedule an Appointment" link at the top of the right sidebar).
  • When you must cancel an individual appointment, please do so at least 8 hours in advance so another student may make use of that time. You can cancel or modify appointments by logging into the scheduling system the "Schedule an Appointment" link. (To modify or cancel a group study reservation, make sure to select the "Tutoring Group Schedule.") Do note that the cancellations policy differs between individual and group study appointments. See our Group Study page for more information about group study cancellations. Frequent same-day cancellations may result in penalties.
  • Failure to cancel will result in a "missed appointment." After three missed appointments, a client's account will be disabled and future appointments will be allowed on a walk-in basis only for the duration of the semester. 
  • Please arrive promptly and, upon arrival, let the person at the front desk know you are here. Our policy is to open appointments to walk-ins if the client has not arrived by 10 minutes after the appointment's start time.

The Waitlist Feature

Don't see an appointment when you need it? Check out our Waitlist feature! To join the waitlist, just click on the "Waiting List" link in the bottom right corner of the day you need an appointment and sign up. You'll be notified if a cancellation matches your specified parameters. (You must then still log in and reserve the appointment yourself on a first-come basis.)


Transportation options

  1. Vandy Vans:
  2. Escort by VUPD: As a supplement to the SafeTrips van service, walking escorts are available for students walking to and from any location on campus during nighttime hours. Walking escorts are provided by VUPD officers. The telephone number to call for a walking escort is 421-8888 (off campus) or 1-8888 (on campus)” .

You can download the SafeVU app to make accessing these resources easier: