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Decoration Guidelines

Residents must abide by the fire safety practices and regulations listed below:

  • Candles, oil lamps, and incense are prohibited in the residence halls whether burning or not.
  • Flammable materials may not be used in decorations. All materials must be fire retardant (proof shown by label).
  • Decorations may not cover or obstruct light sources, heating/cooling sources, fire safety fixtures (sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire strobes, horns, or pull stations), access and security devices (card readers, cameras), air vents, electrical outlets, light switches, or fireplaces
  • Access to windows and doors must be kept clear for emergency egress.
  • Decorations should not block passage through a hall.
  • All exit signs and exits should be visible and recognizable. No exit signs may be covered.

The following are prohibited:

  • No more than three strands of approved lights may be strung together and must be plugged directly into an outlet or into a surge protector that is plugged directly into an outlet. Lights are not to exceed 100 watts per outlet.
  • Items suspended from the ceilings, ceiling grids, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, overhead piping, or on or near water pipes.
  • Items suspended from or attached to sprinkler heads.
  • Real trees and greenery.
  • Artificial snow and frost may not be used on the windows or elsewhere in the residence halls.

The following items are acceptable:

  • Only UL approved tube lights and string lights are permitted.
  • Artificial flame-resistant trees, garland, etc.
  • Doors may be decorated. Decorations may cover no more than 50% of the door surface, and room numbers must remain visible.

Common areas may be decorated for 10 days.  Decorations must be removed after 10 days or prior to periods when halls/houses are closed, whichever comes first.

  • Any structure built must be at least four (4) feet from any wall at all points.
  • No structures can be built with the intention of using it as a walkway, i.e. no bridges.
  • The maximum length for string lights is 75’. (Follow the guidelines for lights listed above.)
  • An 18” clearance from sprinkler heads is required.
  • Decorative wall and door coverings (ex. wrapping paper) must be fire retardant.
  • Not more than 30% covering on corridor walls.
  • Decorations are subject to approval by the Area Maintenance Supervisor. Submit your plans to your Area Coordinator for AMS approval.  Plans must include a list of:
    • all products and materials to be used;
    • how they will be displayed; and
    • how they will be supported.
  • All decorations and materials must be removed no later than 10 days after they were installed, and the area left cleaner than you found it.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.