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Member Opportunities

Once you join our community, there are a variety of ways to get more involved with initiatives that work across governing councils.

Greek Inclusivity Alliance

The Greek Inclusivity Alliance (GIA) is a program designed to help chapter diversity, equity, and inclusion officers and other chapter leaders. Members of GIA are committed to creating a more equitable and culturally competent fraternity and sorority community.  Participants will engage in sessions addressing topics of intersectionality, race, faith, ability, sexism, feminism, sexual orientation, gender identity, microaggressions, cultural appropriation, activism, economic inequality and many other topics that will help advance the EDI work necessary in our chapters and community.

Greek Mental Health Collaborative

The Greek Mental Health Collaborative is a team comprised of members from across the community. This is a diverse group that values mental health and seeks to hold the community to a higher standard of caring for themselves and those around them. Their goals are to:

  • Build a stronger connection between the Greek community and other campus mental health resources and organizations
  • Facilitate and organize programming related to mental health for the greater Greek community, whether it focuses on learning more about mental health or putting into practice ways to promote a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis
  • Destigmatize mental health issues for students within and outside the Greek community by giving people the space to have conversations about their mental health and better understand the tools that can be used to support each other on journeys toward living happier and healthier lives

Lights on the Lawn

Lights on the Lawn is a student-run philanthropy organization comprised of community members committed to supporting the Mary Parrish Center (MPC), a transitional housing nonprofit for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. The MPC helps survivors get back on their feet after living through detrimental relationships. The organization achieves this goal primarily through the planning and execution of an annual on-campus concert, from which all profits are donated to the Mary Parrish Center.