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Greek Housing

Greek Housing Information

In 1960, Vanderbilt University made the decision to move all fraternity and sorority residences on campus. It was also decided that each fraternity and sorority facility would house six students each. These six students are typically the top Executive Officers for each chapter. Students must apply for authorization to live in Greek housing. For more information about the housing selection process, visit the Vanderbilt Housing and Residential Experience website.

Greek Facility Management Program

During the spring of 2002, the Interfraternity Council worked with Vanderbilt University to create a new model for housing, the Greek Facilities Management Program. This program signifies a new partnership between the IFC fraternities and Vanderbilt. It outlines a cutting-edge facility management model that links the fraternity system and Vanderbilt University closer than ever before. The Interfraternity Council voted unanimously to support this program. The Greek Facility Management Guidelines provides a framework for this new housing program.

Greek Facility Management Program Rates for 2024 – 2025
  • Resident Fee: Updated fees will be announced soon! Residents will pay each semester through their student account
  • Greek Facility Management Fee: Non-residents pay $322/semester* through their student account
    • NPHC Non-residents pay a fee per semester
    • Zeta Tau Alpha Non-residents pay a fee per semester
Services Received by Fraternities:
  • Housekeeping services
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Utilities, including gas, water and electric
  • Telephones
  • Grounds, including all lawn maintenance
  • EMS Monitoring of hard-wired smoke detectors installed by the University
  • Utility Rounds
  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

Greek Renewal Project:

In addition, IFC fraternities get $1,500/resident plus $60 per non-resident into an on-campus account that is used to:

  • Repay Loans
  • Repay Debt
  • Immediate House Improvements
  • Future Renovations

*Members of Kappa Alpha pay an extra $50/semester for the “Greek Renewal Project.” This money is deposited directly into their on-campus account.

Outcomes of the Greek Facility Management Program

  • Fraternity debt to Vanderbilt has been reduced from $440,000 to $75,000.
  • Damage done in the fraternity houses has been reduced significantly since the inception of the program.
  • Alumni recognize that the program will help protect their investment, especially as renovations approach.
  • Fraternity officers enjoy having a steady stream of income to help with the repayment of loans, debt and for facility improvements.
  • Program will protect the future of fraternities at Vanderbilt University.


Questions about billing should be directed to Valerie Lorusso.