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Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha upholds a reputation on Vanderbilt’s campus as an exceptional brotherhood that promotes shared values and develops lifelong friendships. Lambda Chi is committed to the Vanderbilt community, as Lambda Chi’s brotherhood involvement is 100% in Vanderbilt extracurriculars, including leadership in distinguished Vanderbilt organizations, sports, scholarships, and academic fellowships in a variety of disciplines. Lambda Chi also frequently participates and partners with other Vanderbilt organizations and the surrounding Nashville community to support their missions. The chapter’s philanthropy is Feeding America, with a philanthropy event each semester for its cause. Lambda Chi’s motto Vir Quisque Vir encompasses the chapter’s goals that enshrine its principles of duty, respect, and inclusivity for all brothers.

Lambda Chi’s alumni are innovative leaders in their respective fields, ranging from business, finance, medicine, government, law, computer and data science, engineering, and academia.

  • Nickname: Lambda Chi
  • Founded: Boston University, 1909
  • Local Chapter Founded: February 24, 1922
  • Philanthropy: Feeding America
  • Local Website: @vandylxa
  • National Website: