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Recruitment Counselor Program


A Recruitment Counselor is an upperclassman member of a sorority who is disaffiliated from her particular chapter and has been selected to serve as a counselor to potential members during the recruitment process. The Recruitment Counselors are assigned to residence halls to answer questions, hold regular meetings, and serve as a resource for women interested in joining a sorority. The Recruitment Counselor program has been designed by Panhellenic to provide support to potential members before, during, and after the recruitment process to address all questions and concerns. Recruitment Counselors  are a valuable resource and will serve as a mentor and guide throughout the Formal Recruitment process. For more information on the Recruitment Counselor Program, contact Riley Knight, the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment Counselors.

As potential new members register for Recruitment, they will be assigned a Recruitment Counselor. Potential New Members will have a chance to meet with her on a regular basis to ask questions and socialize with other women participating in the recruitment process. Potential New Members will work with their Recruitment Counselor throughout the fall and formal recruitment. It is important to meet with and get to know her – she is the best resource during recruitment. Recruitment Counselors will be meeting with the Potential New Members in their group prior to Panhellenic Preview Day.