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Overview of Recruitment Events

Panhellenic Recruitment Registration/Information Meeting
An open meeting for potential members to gain information about the sorority recruitment process and to register to participate in recruitment. This event is not a part of the formal recruitment process and is not mandatory for registration, however you must complete the online application and pay the associated fee to qualify for recruitment. Multiple meetings will be offered during the fall semester.

Panhellenic Preview Day 
Panhellenic Preview Day (PPD) is an opportunity for potential members to meet members of each Panhellenic sorority and experience a mock round of formal recruitment.  While PPD isn’t mandatory, potential members are strongly encouraged to attend so that they will have a better understanding of how formal recruitment is structured.

Recruitment 101
A meeting held in December before Winter Break, during which potential members will be given specifics about the formal recruitment weekends. There will be a panel of Vanderbilt sorority women who will share their experiences during the formal recruitment process and will be available to answer questions and offer advice.

Formal Recruitment Rounds

Display Round
The first round of formal recruitment is Display Round where each sorority will have the opportunity to share its mission and values, provide insight into the ideals it stands for, and discuss an overview of the financial commitment that members must make. Potential Members will visit all 10 Panhellenic chapters during this round.

Philanthropy Round
Philanthropy Round is the second opportunity during formal recruitment for potential members to meet sorority actives while learning about each chapter’s individual philanthropic/charitable cause. Potential members may be invited back to eight (8) chapters during this round. 

Sisterhood Round
Formal recruitment’s third round provides the opportunity to meet with active members and discuss what it means to be a member of the organization and gain a deeper understanding about the organization’s sisterhood. Potential members may be invited back to a maximum of five (5) chapters during this round. 

Preference Night Meeting
All potential members invited to any sorority’s preference night round must attend the meeting held on Saturday afternoon. Specifics about preference ceremonies and bid day activities will be given at this time.

Preference Night Round
The last round of recruitment, Preference Night, is a sentimental ceremony in which the active members demonstrate to the potential members their bonds of sisterhood and what their sorority truly means to them. Potential Members are included in the ceremony and should use this night to help make their decision concerning which sorority makes them feel the most comfortable. Potential members may be invited back to a maximum of two (2) chapters during this round.

Bid Card Signing
After attending their last preference round ceremony, potential members will go directly to sign their bid cards. The signing of the bid card is a personal decision and one each potential member must make on their own. Potential members should not discuss their bid card signing with anyone prior to filling out their bid card.

Bid Day
The new members will meet at a designated location to receive their bids, participate in a Panhellenic Ceremony, and then go as a new member class to Greek Row. They will be greeted by their new sisters and activities will last throughout the day so new members can get to know their new member class.