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Industry-Specific Insights

  • Teaching internships are increasing in popularity and providing aspiring teachers with classroom experience and the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned teachers.
  • Many universities have partnerships with surrounding school districts to coordinate teaching internships for students. However, if searching for internships independently, be aware of state requirements and credentials needed to work in the classroom.
  • In higher education, an abundance of internships can be found within student services and administration offices across your own college campus or other universities (in or –out-of-state).
  • Frequently check school district job boards, teacher community websites, and professional industry associations for internship openings.
  • Teaching in public schools generally requires state certification; however, public charter schools and private schools are not bound by the same state certification requirements and will hire those with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Find the right websites for the state where you want to teach, and at least one national website that is useful to you.
  • View our Career Planning Guide & Internship Orientation Guide. Here is an accessible PDF: Internship Orientation Guide.

Job Boards

Industry-Specific Job Boards

Selected Resources

The resources below are a combination of general industry information as well as specific job and internship posting sites for this industry.

Selected Professional Associations

A professional association is an organization of people who have similar career interests. These membership-based organizations often offer a reduced rate for students that allow access to the many resources they provide. Professional association websites can also offer job/internship databases as well as opportunities to find mentors or other contacts.

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