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Creative Arts, Music, Theater

Industry-Specific Insights

  • Check out our Music Guide.
  • Internships, festivals, chamber ensembles, apprenticeships, and a deep understanding of the industry are extremely important when looking for the right type of internship.
  • Utilize alumni connections & professors to find opportunities.
  • Join appropriate student organizations and be an active member.
  • Seek out organizations in Nashville to join.
  • Recruiting for the arts is still very traditional in the sense that you probably won’t see many of these organizations on-campus or posting on Indeed. You will want to regularly check targeted job boards, such as Bridge, as well as area-specific online newspapers.
  • Acknowledge that jobs in the arts don not typically offer a high salary. Using a cost-of-living calculator will help estimate your salary requirements if you already have a specific area in mind.
  • View our Career Planning Guide & Internship Orientation Guide. Here is an accessible PDF: Internship Orientation Guide.

Job Boards

Industry-Specific Job Boards

Selected Resources

The resources below are a combination of general industry information as well as specific job and internship posting sites for this industry.

Selected Professional Associations

A professional association is an organization of people who have similar career interests. These membership-based organizations often offer a reduced rate for students that allow access to the many resources they provide. Professional association websites can also offer job/internship databases as well as opportunities to find mentors or other contacts.

Company & Industry Research

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