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Summer Internship Subsidy

If you receive and accept an offer for an internship that requires you to receive academic credit for your internship, you must complete the following steps to be eligible for the Summer Internship Subsidy:

1. Have your employer or Vanderbilt International & Student Scholarship Services (ISSS) send an email (or offer letter) to you indicating that you have received an offer and academic credit is required for you to participate in the internship.

2. Download and complete an internship approval form available from your respective college/school:

3. Return all of the following items to the respective college/school’s office in which the internship course falls:

  • A printed copy of the employer or ISSS email confirming the internship offer and need for academic credit.
  • The completed internship approval form with signatures from your Faculty Sponsor and the Associate Dean of your respective school/college.
  • A printed copy of the quiz results page indicating you successfully completed the Internship Orientation Guide. Here is an accessible version of the Internship Orientation Guide.

 Please note:

  • Processing time will be delayed if any part of the application is incomplete.
  • You can confirm your approval for the program by checking your registration in YES.
  • Once confirmed, you will be billed a $200 registration fee for the one-credit summer course (plus applicable summer fees).
  • When required by the school or professor, a mid-term and/or final evaluation by the on-site supervisor must be provided in a timely fashion, typically no later than August 1. If it is not received, you may receive an Incomplete.

Identifying a Faculty Supervisor

Contact your school’s Associate Dean’s office for assistance in obtaining a faculty supervisor if you are uncertain about who should serve in this capacity or where the course might best be placed from an academic point of view. It may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions when identifying a faculty member to approach about being a summer internship faculty supervisor:

Which faculty members have you interacted with through classes or office hours? Which faculty members inside or outside your college/department/major would you feel comfortable asking? Which professor makes sense in terms of the content of the internship and how it relates to your studies?

Example: A student interning in the music industry might approach a faculty preceptor in the Blair School of Music if the internship is focused on the genre or musical content; a preceptor in the College of Arts and Science’s Department of Communication Studies if focused on the marketing of music; or Peabody College’s Human and Organizational Development if focused on talent management.

Your Associate Dean can help you determine the best academic match. You will identify learning goals for your summer internship in consultation with your faculty supervisor; these goals will be outlined in the internship approval form.

Please note that the faculty supervisor for all students enrolled in MUSO 280C is Professor Robert Fry.

Internship Orientation & Quiz

The Internship Orientation Guide was developed by the Career Center to provide you with the information you need to know before starting your internship. Topics covered during the orientation include understanding what an internship is, what to do on your first day, how to dress professionally, office etiquette and appropriate behaviors, and workplace harassment.  

After reviewing the Internship Orientation Guide you will take a quiz over the topics covered. The passing score is eight correct answers out of 10 (80%). If you do not pass on the first attempt you will be eligible to retake the quiz after a meeting with a Center career coach.

The Orientation and quiz takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. We recommend you complete the Orientation and quiz in a quiet area, free from distractions. 

Upon completion, your total points will be displayed at the top of the page. You are required to print a copy of this page and attach it to your internship approval form before submitting it to your Associate Dean’s Office.