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Setting Up Gradescope in your Course

Gradescope is newly integrated under a site license at Vanderbilt. This tool is newly available for use, and the guide below will show you how to add the tool to your course either through the content page or on the course navbar. If you encounter any difficulties working with this tool, you can reach Gradescope’s support team via email at

Adding Gradescope to the Content Page

1.) Open your course and navigate to the Content page

2.) Select the module in which you’d like to add Gradescope from the left sidebar

3.) Select the Existing Activities dropdown, then choose External Learning Tools

4.) Find Gradescope in the list and click on it to add it to the Content page

Adding a Gradescope Link to your Course Navbar

1.) Open your course and navigate to Course Admin -> Navigation & Themes

2.) Select the navbar currently listed as “Active.” If the link for this navbar is not blue, please refer to our guide on editing your navbar

3.) Under Links, select the Add Links button

4.) Select Create Custom Link at the top of the window

5.) In the Name box, enter Gradescope

6.) Under URL, select the Insert Quicklink button

7.) Select External Learning Tools from the list

8.) Find and select Gradescope

10.) Click Create. You’ll receive a notification on your screen that your link has been created successfully 

11.) Select Add to add the link you’ve created to your navbar

12.) Move your Gradescope link where you’d like it to be among your other navbar items, then select Save and Close