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Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

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Sorority Recruitment Overview

There are many benefits to joining a sorority. Members have the oppportunity to make lifelong friends, find academic support, network with alumnae, and engage in community service. For more information about joining a Panhellenic sorority, in general, visit The Sorority Life website.

Sorority Recruitment at Vanderbilt does not occur until the spring semester. Formal Recruitment is scheduled for January 8 – 17, 2016. At this time, women who earned a 2.5 GPA, achieved 12 university credit hours, and who are not on disciplinary probation will be eligible to participate in the Formal Recruitment process. Recruitment for sororities at Vanderbilt is a mutual selection process.

2015 – 2016 Sorority Recruitment Calendar

August 25
Greek Life Information Session, Student Life Center, 2;30 pm – 4:00 pm

September 6
Sorority Recruitment Registration in Student Life Center at 3:00 pm *This meeting is for all women interested in sorority recruitment

November 6
Recruitment Registration Deadline at  5 pm

November 15
Panhellenic Preview Day;  approximately 10:30 am – 4 pm

December 7
Recruitment 101 for all Potential New Members in the Student Life Center at 7 pm

January 8
Pre-Formal Recruitment Meeting at 6 pm AND 7 pm in the Sarratt Cinema

January 9
Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, Display Round, from approximately 10 am-7 pm

January 10
Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, Philanthropy Round from approximately 1 pm-9 pm

January 15
Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, Entertainment Round, from approximately 5:30 pm-12 midnight

January 16
Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, Preference Round, from approximately 4 pm-9 pm

January 17

Registering for Panhellenic Recruitment

Sorority recruitment registration and payment is online. At the registration meeting on September 6,  potential members will learn about sorority recruitment and the next steps in the registration process. If you are unable to attend the meeting on September 6, and have any questions, please contact the Office of Greek Life. Your registration will NOT be complete until you have registered and paid online.

Before you go to the next step of online registration, please make sure that you are prepared to answer questions about your legacy status (family members’ sorority affiliations), recruitment history and college and high school involvement. You will not be able to go back and make changes later, so please make sure that you do not start the form until you know this information.


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

This code serves as a guide for all sorority members, financially inactive members, alumnae, and potential new members (PNMs) to promote honesty, respect, and sisterhood. All concerned are responsible for observing the rules proposed by the Vanderbilt University Panhellenic Council and agreed upon by each member organization, and thereby agree to the following:

In agreement with NPC Unanimous Agreements and Vanderbilt University Panhellenic Guidelines:

  1. NPC sorority members shall not suggest to any PNM that an invitation or bid is assured from their chapter, nor encourage a PNM to list only one choice on her Preference List.
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages and the participation of men in membership recruitment and Bid Day activities are prohibited.

It is in accord with the dignity and good standing of sorority members:

  1. To avoid disparaging remarks about any sorority or non-sorority women.
  2. To create and encourage friendly relations between sorority and non-sorority women.
  3. To lay aside competition and strive for respect, mutual trust, and cooperation amongst Greek organizations.
  4. To prevent negative publicity regarding the Greek community.
  5. To not exploit personal relationships for recruitment purposes. The best interest of the PNM should be kept in mind at all times.

As sorority women, we will abide by the NPC Unanimous Agreements in addition to the Vanderbilt University Panhellenic Standing Rules. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. PNMs may not enter the personal residence (e.g., Branscomb dorm room, Towers suite) of an active sorority member.
  2. Active sorority members may not enter the personal residences (e.g., Commons dorm room) of PNMs.
  3. Sorority members may not spend money on PNMs, nor give or accept gifts from PNMs. This includes but is not limited to food, rides, or photos.
  4. Off campus meetings between sorority members and PNMs are not permitted, including at locations on the Taste of Nashville Program. VUceptors, Resident Advisors, and Gamma Chis may meet off campus as applicable to their roles.
  5. Intentionally separating a PNMs and engaging in inappropriate, intimidating conversation and/or being in a situation where there are 3 or more active members in the same sorority with one PNM is considered hotboxing and is not permitted.
  6. The use of Facebook is not to be used between sorority women and PNMs.
  7. To clarify, one may not be “Facebook friends” with a PNM unless the Facebook friendship predates the PNMs acceptance to Vanderbilt. VUceptors and Resident Advisors may use Facebook as applicable to their roles.
  8. The distribution of alcohol, drugs, and fake IDs is strictly prohibited.

According to the NPC Manual of Information, “NPC believes that normal, social contacts should not be disrupted in the case of long standing friendships by prohibiting all contacts between sorority women and potential [members].” Normal contacts include relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers prior to attending Vanderbilt. However, each sorority is charged with the responsibility of seeing that unfair advantage is not taken of such contacts.


National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements

  1. A college Panhellenic shall take no action which infringes on the sovereignty, rights, or privileges of the individual fraternities.
  2. A signed Membership Recruitment Acceptance or a Continuous Open Bidding (COB) Acceptance is binding for one calendar year.
  3. Each College Panhellenic shall establish a Bid Day to conclude the formal membership recruitment period.
  4. NPC fraternity members shall not suggest to any potential member that she refuse a bid from one group in order to wait for a bid from another group or that a potential member list only one choice on her Membership Recruitment Acceptance.
  5. Each installed NPC fraternity chapter shall have one vote (The Delegate)
  6. Each College Panhellenic Council shall establish rules governing membership recruitment activities.
  7. Each College Panhellenic shall prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages or the participation of men in membership recruitment and Bid Day activities.
  8. All members, including alumnae and new members, are bound to the rules governing membership recruitment.

Gamma Chi Program

A Gamma Chi is an upper class member of a sorority who is disaffiliated from her particular chapter and has been selected to serve as a counselor to potential members during the recruitment process. The Gamma Chis are assigned to freshmen residence halls to answer questions, hold regular meetings, and serve as a resource for women interested in joining a sorority. The Gamma Chi program has been designed by Panhellenic to provide support to potential members before, during, and after the recruitment process to address all questions and concerns. Gamma Chis are a valuable resource and will serve as a mentor and guide throughout the Formal Recruitment process. For more information on the Gamma Chi Program, contact Sam Marton, the Panhellenic Director of Gamma Chis.

Potential new members, who have registered for Recruitment, will be assigned a Gamma Chi in Late September. Potential New Members will have a chance to meet with her on a weekly basis to ask questions and socialize with other women participating in the recruitment process. Potential New Members will work with their Gamma Chi throughout the fall and formal recruitment. It is important to meet with and get to know her – she is the best resource during recruitment.

Overview of Recruitment Rounds

Panhellenic Recruitment Registration/Information Meeting
An open meeting for potential members to gain information about the sorority recruitment process and to register to participate in recruitment. This event is not a part of the formal recruitment process and is not mandatory for registration, however you must complete the online application and pay the associated fee to qualify for recruitment.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Panhellenic Preview Day (Fall Rounds)
Panhellenic Preview Day is held in the individual sorority houses and potential members will attend the round with their Gamma Chi groups. “Fall Rounds” provides the potential members the opportunity to familiarize themselves with round schedules and attendance. These sessions are not mandatory and potential members should use them to gain information about the individual sororities and to meet people.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Recruitment 101
A meeting held in December before Winter Break, during which potential members will be given specifics about the Formal Recruitment week. There will be a panel of Vanderbilt women who will share their experiences during the Recruitment process and will be available to answer questions and offer advice.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Display Round
The first round of Formal Recruitment is a Display Round where each sorority will have the opportunity to share its mission and values with the potential members, and provide them with some insight into the ideals it stands for. Potential Members will attend all ten sororities during this round.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Philanthropy Round
Philanthropy Round is the second opportunity during formal recruitment for potential members to meet sorority actives while making a project to be donated to the individual sorority’s philanthropy. Potential members may visit as many as seven sororities during this round.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Entertainment Round
Formal Recruitment’s third round has the sorority actives ‘entertaining’ the potential members through dances, skits, songs, etc. as they continue to meet more actives and learn about the sororities. Potential memberws may visit as many as five sororities during this round.
Suggested Dress: Dressy Casual

Preference Night Meeting
All potential members invited to any sorority’s preference night round must attend the meeting held on Saturday afternoon. Specifics about preference ceremonies and bid day activities will be given at this time.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Preference Night Round
The last round of recruitment, Preference Night is a sentimental ceremony in which the actives demonstrate to the potential members their bonds of sisterhood and what their sorority truly means to them. Potential Members are included in the ceremony and should use this night to help make their decision concerning which sorority makes them feel the most comfortable. Potential members may attend as many as three parties during this round.
Suggested Dress: Cocktail/Sunday Attire

Bid Card Signing
After attending their last preference round ceremony, potential members will go directly to sign their bid cards. The signing of the bid card is a personal decision and one each potential member must make on their own. Potential members should not discuss their bid card signing with anyone prior to filling out their bid card.

Bid Day
The new members will meet at a designated location to receive their bids, participate in a Panhellenic Ceremony, and then go as a new member class to Greek Row. They will be greeted by their new sisters and activities will last throughout the day so new members can get to know their new member class.
Suggested Dress: Jeans/Casual

Upper Class Panhellenic Recruitment Information

Each fall a few of our sororities will have limited opportunities available for upper class women (defined as sophomore, junior, and senior women) and transfer students to gain membership in their chapter. First-year students may not seek Panhellenic sorority membership until second semester. Every chapter does not participate in informal recruitment, also known as COB, but for those chapters that have spaces available they will hold invite-only events during the month of September.

To be involved in this process a student must attend the Panhellenic Upper Class Recruitment Information Meeting on Monday, September 8, 2014. During this meeting you will fill out the Personal Information Form (PIF) that will be given to chapters participating in COB. In order to fill out this form successfully please come to the meeting prepared to list your activities/leadership positions at Vanderbilt or in the case of a transfer student your previous collegiate institution. Legacy information is also requested on the form so please make contact with your relatives and gather the name, chapter, and institution of the women in your family who are affiliated with National Panhellenic Conference sororities that are present at Vanderbilt. It would also be helpful to bring your planner or have a general idea of your availability to list on the Personal Information Form. This information will allow a chapter to see when you might be available to attend informal recruitment events throughout the week. The PIF will be copied and passed along to each chapter that has spaces available and the chapters will use the PIF to learn more about you to determine whether you might be a good match for their organization.

The Grade Release Form will also be filled out at this meeting. Women must have a 2.5 GPA to be eligible for the informal recruitment process and they cannot be on disciplinary probation. It is free of charge to participate in Upper Class recruitment.

Each chapter that is looking for new members will make brief presentations at the information meeting and will invite you to attend their Open House which will take place the next day on Greek Row. During these events you will have the opportunity to chat with current chapter members and to make connections that could lead to invitations to events occurring later in the week. Dress nicely but casually. Sundresses, or a nice top and skirt are appropriate but your prom dress is not!

Every chapter in the Panhellenic Association will hold an Open House and though you are encouraged to visit all the chapters please make sure to visit those that have spaces available for new members.

As an upper class student you still have the opportunity to go through Formal Recruitment in January as well. If you are offered a bid in the fall you are not obligated to take the invitation but instead can wait to experience the formal recruitment process and have a chance at membership in all of our chapters. If you accept a bid in the fall then you are ineligible for formal recruitment in January.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Please visit our Transfer Students information page.

The information for Fall 2015events are below:

Panhellenic Sorority Upper Class Recruitment Information Meeting

Monday, September 6 at 5:00 pm

Sarratt Cinema

Panhellenic Fall Recruitment Open Houses

Monday, September 7 from  5pm-7pm

Greek Row