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Shihong Lin

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


I am interested in understanding, innovating and improving membrane processes for enhanced sustainability at water-energy-environment nexus. This, for instance, includes using membrane technologies to provide sufficient drinking water with less energy consumption and smaller environmental footprint, to minimize the environmental impact of energy production on water quality, and to harness clean energy from renewable sources. The membrane processes we have been working on include membrane distillation, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, which are technologies for water purification or desalination, and pressure retarded osmosis, which aims to harvest energy from natural salinity gradient. Specifically, I am most interested in two types of research: (1) developing novel membrane materials or systems to enhance the performance of membrane processes; and (2) conducting analysis at both microscopic and system levels to provide informed evaluation of process viability and to facilitate module-level optimization of design and operation for membrane systems. It is our research goal to advance the field of membrane processes by both answering fundamental questions and generating implementable and impactful technologies.


National Academy of Engineering Frontier of Engineering Symposium Participant, 2016
ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2016
ACS Environmental Chemistry Graduate Student Award, 2013

Selected Publications:

Highly compact, free- standing porous electrodes from polymer- derived nanoporous carbons for efficient electrochemical capacitive deionization. Ji, F; Wang, L; Yang, JS; Wu, X; Li, MQ; Jiang, SL; Lin, SH; Chen, Z, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 7, 1768-1778 , (2019) View Abstract

Significance of surface excess concentration in the kinetics of surfactant-induced pore wetting in membrane distillation. Wang, ZX; Chen, YML; Zhang, FY; Lin, SH, DESALINATION, 450, 46-53 , (2019) View Abstract

Multifold Enhancement of Loose Nanofiltration Membrane Performance by Intercalation of Surfactant Assemblies. Shan, LL; Liang, YZ; Prozoroyska, L; Jennings, GK; Ji, SL; Lin, SH, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, 5, 668-674 , (2018) View Abstract

Nanoparticle-templated nanofiltration membranes for ultrahigh performance desalination. Wang, ZY; Wang, ZX; Lin, SH; Jin, HL; Gao, SJ; Zhu, YZ; Jin, J, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 9, 2004 , (2018) View Abstract

Thermodynamic limits of extractable energy by pressure retarded osmosis . Lin, S, Straub, AP, Elimelech, M, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 7, 2706-2714 , (2014) View Abstract