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Ronald D. Schrimpf

Orrin Henry Ingram Professor of Engineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Institute for Space and Defense Electronics


Ron Schrimpf is the Director of the Institute for Space and Defense Electronics, which focuses on issues associated with using electronic devices in harsh environments. He works on semiconductor device physics, including designing, characterizing and simulating devices with nanometer scale feature sizes. The technologies with which he works include silicon FinFETs, ultra-thin silicon on insulator, GaN, and two-dimensional materials.


• Chancellor’s Cup, 2010
• Harvey Branscomb Distinguished Professor Award, 2008-2009
• Orrin Henry Ingram Professor of Engineering, 2008-present
• Chancellor’s Award for Research, 2003
• Fellow of the IEEE, 2000
• IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Early Achievement Award, 1996
• Eight outstanding paper awards

Selected Publications:

Laser-Induced Single-Event Transients in Black Phosphorus MOSFETs. Liang, C; Ma, R; Li, K; Su, Y; Gong, H; Ryder, KL; Wang, P; Sternberg, AL; Zhang, EX; Alles, ML; Reed, RA; Koester, SJ; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 66, 384-388 , (2019) View Abstract

Pulsed-Laser Induced Single-Event Transients in InGaAs FinFETs on Bulk Silicon Substrates. Gong, HQ; Ni, K; Zhang, EX; Sternberg, AL; Kozub, JA; Alles, ML; Reed, RA; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Waldron, N; Kunert, B; Linten, D, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 66, 376-383 , (2019) View Abstract

Total Ionizing Dose Effects and Proton-Induced Displacement Damage on MoS2-Interlayer-MoS2 Tunneling Junctions. Wang, P; Perini, CJ; O'Hara, A; Gong, HQ; Wang, PF; Zhang, EX; McCurdy, MW; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Pantelides, ST; Vogel, EM, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 66, 420-427 , (2019) View Abstract

Understanding the Average Electron-Hole Pair-Creation Energy in Silicon and Germanium Based on Full-Band Monte Carlo Simulations. Fang, JT; Reaz, M; Weeden-Wright, SL; Schrimpf, RD; Reed, RA; Weller, RA; Fischetti, MV; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 66, 444-451 , (2019) View Abstract

X-ray and proton radiation effects on 40 nm CMOS physically unclonable function devices. Wang, PF; Zhang, EX; Chuang, KH; Liao, W; Gong, H; Wang, P; Arutt, CN; Ni, K; McCurdy, MW; Verbauwhede, I; Bury, E, Linten, D; Fleetwood, DM; Schripmf, RD; Reed, RA, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 65, 1519-1524 , (2018) View Abstract